A list of names of over 1,700 of the earliest recorded male settlers of Alta California. Next to each name is a number associated with the first time this name appears on the records of California. 1769-1800 These names are from mission registers of baptisms, marriages, and deaths. As well as company rosters, pueblo padrones, and thousands of miscellaneous documents compiled by Hubert Howe Bancroft in his book the History of California, Vol. I 1542-1800. Note: some of the early records have been lost and some of the names associated with the earliest expeditions are of individuals who never came to Alta California at all or returned immediately. This type of error is usually found with those who have no occupation associated with their name.
Settlers of California 1769-1800
Abella, Ramon, padre.4Acebedo, Francisco Ant., soldier.2Acebedo, Jose Antonio, soldier.2Acebedo, Julian, soldier.2
Acedo, Jose, settler.4Aceves, Antonio, child.2Aceves, Jose Maria, child.2Aceves, Antonio Quiterio, soldier.2
Aceves, Pablo, soldier.4Acosta, Antonio, soldier.3Acosta, Jose, Cat. vol.4Aguiar, Francisco.1
Aguila, Jose, settler.4Aguila, Juan Jose, child. 4Aguilar, Francisco Javier.1Aguilar, Luis Antonio.1
Alanis, Antonio, child.3Alanis, Eugenio Nicolas, child.3Alanis, Isidro.4Alanis, Maximo, soldier.3
Alari, Jose, Cat. Vol.4Alberni, Pedro, lieutenant-colonel.4Alcantara, Pedro, mason.4Alegre, Antonio, soldier.2
Alegria, Norberto, soldier.3Alipas, Juan N., soldier.4Altamirano, Jose Antonio, soldier.3Altamirano, Lucas Domingo, child.2
Altamirano, Jose Marcos, child.2Altamirano, Justo Roberto, soldier.2Altamirano, Lucas, soldier.4Altamirano, Juan, soldier.4
Alvarado, Juan B.1Alvarado, Bernardino.1Alvarado, Ignacio, soldier.2Alvarado, Francisco Javier, soldier.3
Alvarado, Juan B., child.3Alvarado, Fran. Ma. D.C., child.4Alvarado, Jose Vicente, child.4Alvarado, Juan Jose, soldier. 4
Alvarado, Juan N. D., child.4Alvarez, Juan, soldier.2Alvarez, Joaquin, soldier.2Alvarez, Luis, soldier.2
Alvarez, Pedro, soldier.2Alvarez, Felipe, convict.4AIvarez, Doroteo.4Alvarez, Jose, artilleryman.4
Alvarez, Juan, artilleryman.4Alvarez, Jose, child.4AIvires, Claudio, servant.2Alvires, Juan, soldier.3
Alvires, Estevan.1Alviso, Francisco, settler.2Alviso, Domingo, soldier.2Alviso, Anastasio Geronimo, child.,4
Alviso, Francisco Javier, soldier.4Alviso, Francisco Solano, child.4Alviso, Geronimo Antonio, child.4Alviso, Ignacio, soldier.4
Alviso, Javier, settler.4Alviso, Jose Antonio, child.4Alviso, Jose Gabriel L., child.4Alvitre, Sebastian, soldier.1
Alvitre, Juan Jose Ma., child.4Amador, Pedro, soldier.1Amador, Jose Sinforoso, child.3Amador, Jose Fructuoso.3
Amador, Juan Pablo.3Amador, Jose.Maria, child.4Amador, Marcos Antonio, child.4Amarrillas, Juan Angel, soldiers.2
Amezquita, Jose Gabriel, child.2Amezquita, Juan Antonio, soldier.2Amezquita, Manuel Dom., settler.2Amezquita, Florentino, settler.4
Amezquita, Gregorio, settler.4Amezquita, Francisco Ma., settler.4Amezquita, Jose, soldier.4Amezquita, Jose Miguel, settler.4
Amezquita, Jose Reyes, settler.4Amezquita, Serafin, settler.4Amurrio, Gregorio, padre.1Antonio, Manuel, servant.2
Antonio, Jose Crispin, child.4Antonio, Macedonio, soldier.4Antuna, Manuel, soldier.2Arana, Jose, soldier.3
Aranguren, Jose, soldier.3Arce, Jose G.1Arce, Sebastian.1Arce, Joaquin, child.2
Arceo, Jose, settler.4Archuleta, Jose Ignacio, servant.2Archuleta, Jose Norberto, child.2Archuleta, Miguel Geronimo, child.2
Archuleta, Gregorio, soldier.4Arellanes, Teodoro.4Arellano, Man. J. R., soldier.2Arenaza, Pascual M., padre.3
Arguelles, Francisco, artilleryman.4Arguello, Francisco Rafael, child.4Arguello, Jose Dario, alferez.3Arguello, Jose Gervacio, child.3
Arguello, Luis Antonio, child.3Arguello, Jose Ignacio M., child.4Armenta, Cristobal, settler.2Armenta, Joaquin, soldier.2
Arias, Francisco, settler.4Armenta, Jose Ma., soldier.4Arriola, Alejandro, soldier.3Arriola, Jose Francisco, mechanic,4
Arriola, Jose Rafael B., child.4Arriola, Rafael, convict.4Arriz, Ignacio.1Arroita, Francisco Jose, padre.3
Arroyo, Jose Manuel, smith.2Arroyo, Juan Isidro, child.3Arroyo, Vicente, soldier.3Arroyo, Felix, child.3
Arroyo, Jose, sailor.4Aruz, Domingo, soldier.2Aruz, Martin, settler.4Arvallo, Feliciano, settler.2
Avalos, Nicolas.1Avalos, Joaquin, tanner.4Avila, Francisco.4Avila, Adanto, child.4
Avila, Anastasio.4Avila, Antonio Ignacio.4Avila, Cornelio, settler.4Avila, Ignacio.4
Avila, Jose, convict.4Avila, Jose Antonio, settler.4Avila, Jose Maria.4Avila, Miguel.4
Avila, Santa Ana, soldier.4Avis, Fructuoso, soldier.4Ayala, Jose, soldier.3Ayala, Jose C.D., child.4
Ayala, Jose Salvador, child.4Ayala, Juan Jose G., child.4Ayala, Juan P. M., child.4Bacilio, Antonio, Cat. vol.4
Badiola, Manuel Antonio.1BaIderrama,?, convict.4Ballesteros, Juan, soldier.3Ballesteros, Juan Antonio, child.3
Ballesteros, Javier Antonio, child.4Banderas, Jose F. de la Cruz.4Barajas, Jose, sailor.4Barbosa, Jose, settler.4
Barcena, Jose, convict.4Barcenas, Marcos, settler.4Barcenilla, Isidoro, padre.4Barona, Jose, padre.4
Barraza, Macedonio, soldier.3Barrera, Juan Antonio, soldier.3Barrientos, Jose, Cat. Vol.4Basadre y Vega, Vicente, settler.3
Belen, Miguel, servant.2Bello, Mateo, Cat. vol.4Beltran, Francisco Javier, soldier.2Beltran, Joaquin, soldier.2
Beltran, Nicolas, soldier.2Benavides, Jose Ma., settler.4Beranzuela, Pedro, soldier.4Bermudez, Jose, soldier.4
Bermudez, Jose S., child.4Bermudez, Manuel Antonio, child.4Bernal, Francisco, servant.1Bernal, Jose Dionisio, soldier.2
Bernal, Juan Francisco, soldier.2Bernal, Manuel Ramon, soldier.2Bernal, Apolinario, child.3Bernal, Juan, child.3
Bernal, Ramon, settlers.3Bernal, Bruno, child.4Bernal, Joaquin, soldier.4Bernal, Jose Agustin, child.4
Bernal, Jose Cipriano, child.4Bernal, Jose C. Cipriano, child.4Bernardo, Jose, settler.4Berreyesa, Nicolas A., settler.2
Berreyesa, Juan Jose, child.4Berreyesa, Jose Nazario, settler.4Berreyesa, Jose de los Reyes, settler.4Blanco, Juan, smith.4
Blanco, Miguel. 1Bojorges, Jose Ramon, soldier.2Bojorges , Hermenegildo, child.2Bojorges, Pedro Antonio, soldier.2
Bojorges, Francisco H., soldier.4Bonnel, Ramon, Cat. Vol.1Borica, Diego de, governor.4Boronda, Manuel, soldier.3
Boronda, Canuto Jose, child.,4Bosch, Buenaventura, settler.3Botello, Joaquin, tailor.4Bravo, Jose Marcelino, soldier.1
Briones, Ignacio Vicente, soldier.2 1Briones, Jose Antonio, soldier.1Briones, Ignacio Vicente, child.3Briones, Jose Joaquin, child.2
Briones, Felipe Sintiago, child.3Briones, Nicolas Maria, child.2Briones, Marcos, soldier.3Briones, Manuel, soldier.4
Brito, Mariano, artilleryman.4Brito, Miguel, artilleryman.4Bruno, Francisco, soldier.2Buelna, Eusebio Jose J., child.2
Buelna, Jose Antonio, soldier.2Buelna, Ramon, soldier.2Buelna, Eusebio J.J., child.4Buelna, Jose Raim, child.3
Buelna, Jose Maria, child.4Bulferig, Geronimo, Cat. Vol.1Bumbau, Francisco, Cat. Vol.1Bustamante, Jose, soldier.3
Bustamante, Manuel, soldier.3Butron, Manuel, soldier.2Butron, Sebastian, settler.4Caballero, Jose, Cat. vol.4
Calixto, Jose, soldier.4Calvo, Francisco, soldier.3Calzada, Jose Antonio, padre.3Calzada, Jose, convict.4
Calzada, Jose Dionisio, settler.4Camacho, Jose Antonio, soldier.1Camacho, Tomas M., servant.1Camacho, Juan Miguel, soldier.1
Camacho, Anastasio, soldier.2Camacho, Antonio, soldier.2Camarena, Nicolas, settler.4Cambon, Pedro Benito, padre.1
Camero, Manuel, settlers.3Campa, Pedro, sailor.2Campa y Coz, Miguel, padre.1Campo, Jose, Cat. Vol.1
Campos, Francisco, soldier.3Canedo, Albino, soldier.2Canedo, Jose Manuel, settler.2Canedo, Juan Ignacio, soldier.4
Canizares, Jose, piloto.1Cano, Jose, artilleryman.4Cantua, Ignacio, soldier.2Capinto, Jose Ma., tailor.4
Capinto, Mariano, tailor.4Carabanas, Joaquin, soldier.2Carabanas, Nicolas, soldier.2Caravantes, Jose Salvador, soldier.3
Caravantes, Ventura, settler.4Carcamo, Jose, Cat. vol.4Cardenas, Melchor, servant.2Cardenas, Cristobal, servant.1
Cardenas y Rivera, Tadeo.1Cariaga, Salvador, soldier.2Carlon, Hilario Ignacio, soldier.3Carnicer, Baltasar, padre.4
Carranza, Domingo, padre.4Carrillo, Guillermo, soldier.1Carrillo, Mariano, sergeant.1Carrillo, Jose Raimundo, soldier.1
Carrillo, Anastasio Jose, child.3Carrillo, Carlos Antonio, child.3Carrillo, Domingo Ant. Igna., child.4Carrillo, Jose Antonio E., child.4
Carrillo, Luis, sailor.4Casasallas, Simon, Cat. Vol.4Casillas, Juan Manuel.1Castaneda, Jose.3
Castaneda, Jose Ruiz, soldier.3Castelo, Agustin, soldier.1Castillo, Jose, phlebotomist.4Castillo, Jose, soldier.4
Castro, Antonio, soldier.2Castro, Ignacio, soldier.2Castro, Joaquin, soldier.2Castro, Jose, servant.2
Castro, Isidro.2Castro, Jose Macario, soldier.3Castro, Jose Simon J. N., child.3Castro, Mariano, soldier.3
Castro, Mariano de la Cruz, child.3Castro, Agapito, settler.4Castro, Francisco, settler.4Castro, Jose Joaquin, settler.4
Castro, Jose S.T., child.4Castro, Simeon, settler.4Cavaller, Jose, padre.1Cayuelas, Francisco, Cat. vol.1
Cayuelas, Francisco, soldier.3Cayuelas, Pedro, soldier.3Cervantes, Juan Pablo.1Cervantes, Guadalupe, soldier.4
Cervantes, Pablo Victoriano, soldier.3Chabolla, Marcos, soldier.3Chabolla, Pedro R., child.3Chabolla, Jose, child.4
Chabolla, Jose Luis, child.4Chabolia, Salvador.4Chamorro, ?,smith.2Chaves, Jose Mateo, settler.4
Chaves, Jose, convict.4Chavira, Jose Antonio, settler.4Chavira, Jose, convict.4Cibrian, Pablo, soldier.4
Cibrian, Leocadio, soldier.3Cibrian, Pablo Antonio, smith.4Cipres, Marcelino, padre.4Cisneros, Jose, servant.3
Clua, Domingo, Cat. vol.2Contreras, Luis, muleteer.2Contreras, Jose, soldier.4Cordero, Joaquin Ignacio.1
Cordero, Francisco.1Cordero, Mariano Antonio, soldier.1Cordero, Jose E., child.2Cordero, Fermin, settler.4
Cordero, Manuel, soldier.2Cordero, Jose Dom., child.4Cordero, Miguel E., child.4Cordero, Pedro, settler.4
Cordoba, Alberto, engineer.4Cornejo, Casimiro, settler.4Cornejo, Casimiro, convict.4Corona, Francisco, soldier.4
Coronel, Juan Antonio, muleteer.2Cortes, Juan Lope, padre.4Cortes, Jose Antonio, soldiers.3Cortes, Nicolas, soldier.4
Cortes, Nicolas Felipe, soldier.4Costanso, Miguel, engineer.1Cota, Antonio, soldier.1Cota, Pablo Antonio, soldier.1
Cota, Manuel Antonio, child.2Cota, Roque, soldier.2Cota, Guillermo, sergeant.3Cota, Juan Ignacio. soldier.3
Cota, Mariano, soldier.3Cota, Nabor Antonio, child.3Cota, Bartolome Jose, child.4Cota, Francisco Atanasio, child.4
Cota, Jose Manuel Ma., child.4Cota, Jose Valentin, child.4Cota, Juan Francisco, child.4Cota, Manuel, soldier.4
Cota, Pedro Antonio, child.4Crespi, Juan, padre.1Cruzado, Antonio, padre.1Cruz, Faustino Jose, soldier.1
Cruz y Sotomayor, Juan, soldier.3Cuevas, Luis, settler.4Dandricu, Andres, soldier.4Danti, Antonio, padre.3
Davila, Jose, surgeon.2Davila, Manuel, carpenter.3Davila, J., soldier.3Davila, Jose Antonio, smith.4
Delgado, Alonzo, Cat. vol.4Diaz, Joaquin, soldier.2Dominguez, Juan Jose, soldier.1Dominguez, Jose Dolores, soldier.3
Dominguez, Jose Antonio, child.3Dominguez, Jose Ma. D., child.3Dominguez, Cristobal, soldier.4Dominguez, Jose Antonio, child.4
Dominguez, Jose Asuncion, child.4Dominguez, Jose Francisco, child.4Dominguez, Remesio, settler.4Duarte, Alejo Antonio, soldier.1
Duarte, Jose Ma., soldier.1Duarte, Pascual.1Duarte, Francisco Javier, child.4Duarte, Juan Jose, servant.4
Duarte, Leandro, soldier.4Ducil, Sebastian, Cat. vol.4Dumetz, Francisco, padre.1Encarnacion, Jose, soldier.3
Enriquez, Antonio, servant.3Enriquez, Antonio Domingo, weaver.4Enriquez, Sebastian, child.4Escamilla, Antonio Santos, child.4
Escamilla, Jose, soldier.4Escamilla, Tomas, convict.4Escribano, Sebastian, Cat. vol.4Esparza, Jose Lorenzo, mechanic.1
Espi, Jose de la C., padre.4Espinosa, Antonio, soldier.2Espinosa, Joaquin, soldier.2Espinosa, Juan, servant.2
Espinosa, Gabriel, soldier.3Espinosa, Jose Miguel, soldier.3Espinosa, Salvador, soldier.3Espinosa, Tomas, soldier.3
Espinosa, Cayetano, soldier.4Espinosa, Jose Gabriel S.4Espinosa, Jose Ma. E., child.4Espinosa, Jose Pio, Cat. vol.4
Espinosa, Juan Antonio J., child.4Estevan, Pedro de S. Jose, padre.4Estevan, Antonio, Sailor.1Estrada, Jose Bonifacio, soldier.2
Estudillo, Jose Maria, soldier.4Fages, Pedro, lieutenant.1Faura, Jose, padre.4Feliciano, Alejo, settler.2
Feliciano, Hilario, child.3Felix, Claudio Victor.1Felix, Anast. Ma, soldier.2Felix, Doroteo, soldier.2
Felix, Jose Vicente, soldier.2Felix, Jose Francisco, soldier.3Felix, Juan Jose Ignacio, child.3Felix, Antonio Rafael, child.4
Felix, Victorino, soldier.3Felix, Fernando de la T., child.4Felix, Jose, child.4Felix, Jose Luciano, child.4
Felix, Jose Vicente Valentin, child.4Felix, Juan.4Felix, Juan Jose de G., child.4Felix, Leonardo Ma., child.4
Felix, Pedro Antonio, child.4Fernandez, Gaspar Antonio, child.3Fernandez, Jose Rosalino, soldier.3Fernandez, Pedro lgnacio, child.4
Fernandez, Rafael Ma. de la C., child.4Fernandez, Victor, Cat. vol.4Fernandez, Gregorio, padre.4Fernandez, Jose Ma., padre.4
Fernandez, Manuel, padre.4Feyjoo, Jose, soldier.1Ferrer, Pablo, Cat. vol.1Figuer, Juan, padre.1
Figueroa, Manuel, soldier.2Figueroa, Salvador Ignacio, child.4Flores, Hermenegildo, soldier.2Flores, Victoriano, servant.2
Flores, Jose Miguel, soldier.2Flores, Jose Maria, soldier.3Flores, Jose Teodosio, child.3Flores, Bernardo, settler.4
Flores, Diego.4Flores, Francisco, soldier.4Flores, Isidro, soldier.4Flores, Jose Ma. de la T., child.4
Flores, Leandro Jose, child.4Flores, Pedro, soldier.4Font, Jose, lieutenant.4Fontes, Luis Ma., soldier.3
Fontes, Pedro, servant.2Fragoso, Luis Ma., soldier.3Fragoso, Rafael, Cat. vol.4Franco, Juan, servant.3
Franco, Jose, convict.4Franco, Pablo, convict.4Fuster, Vicente, padre.1Galindo, Nicolas, settler.2
Galindo, Francisco A., child.2Galindo, Jose Rafael, child.2Galindo, Alejandro Fidel, child.3Galindo, Jose, Leandro, child.3
Galindo, Juan Crisostomo, child.3Galindo, Claudio, Cat. vol.4Galindo, Jose Carlos H., child.4Galindo, Venancio, soldier.4
Gallego, Carlos, soldier.2Galvez, Diego, Cat. vol.4Gomez, Teodoro, soIdier.4Garaicoechea, Jose, corporal.4
Garcia, Diego, padre.3Garcia, Felipe, smith.2Garcia, Francisco Bruno, soldier.2Garcia, Francisco Ma., child.2
Garcia, Francisco P., soldier.2Garcia, Jose Reyes, child.2Garcia, Juan Jose, child.2Garcia, Jose Antonio, soldier.2
Garcia, Pedro, settler.3Garcia, Pedro Gonzalez, smith.4Garcia,Carlos Ma.4Garcia, Jose Antonio Inoc., child.4
Garcia, Jose Hilario Ramon, child.4Garcia, Jose de las Llagas child.4Garcia, Jose Ma. Cancio, child.4Garcia, Jose Ma. Desiderio, child.4
Garcia, Julian. 4Garcia, Luz, soldier.4Garcia, Nicolas, Cat. vol.4Garcia, Pedro Antonio, child.4
Garcia, Pedro Gonz., smith.4Garibay, Jose Joaquin, child.4Garibay, Vicente, soldier.4Garracino, Pedro, soldier.2
Gerardo. (See Gonzalez G.)1German, Cris. Ant., child.3German, Isidro, soldier3German, Faustin J., child.4
German, Manuel Ignacio, child.4German, Juan, soldier.4German, Juan, child.4Giol, Jose, servant.2
Gili, Bartolome, padre.Giribet, Miguel, padre.3Gloria, Jacinto, soldier.2Gloria, Jose Ma., soldier.2
Gomez, Francisco, padre.1Gomez, Nicolas, settler.2Gomez, Francisco, soldier.4Gomez, Jose Antonio, Cat. vol.4
Gomez, Rafael, settler.4Gomez, Rafael, convict.4Gomez, Francisco, carpenter.4Gongora, Jose Ma, soldier.1
Gongora, Jose Antonio, child.2Gonopra, Jose Ma., soldier.4Gonzalez, Antonio Alejo., soldier.1Gonzalez, Inocencio, sailor.1
Gonzalez, Cirilo, servant.2Gonzalez, Jose Antonio, soldier.2Gonzalez, Jose Romualdo, child.2Gonzalez, Jose Manuel, settler.2
Gonzalez, Mateo Jacobo, child.2Gonzalez, Ramon.2Gonzalez, Nicolas, soldier.2Gonzalez, Alejandro, soldier.3
Gonzalez, Bernardo, soldier.2Gonzalez, Diego. lieutenant.2Gonzalez, Felipe, soldier.3Gonzalez, Jose Eusebio, child.3
Gonzalez, Jose Feliciano, soldier.3Gonzalez, Mateo Jacobo, child.3Gonzalez, Tomas, soldier.3Gonzalez, Alejo., Cat. vol.4
Gonzalez, Francisco, soldier.4Gonzalez, Francisco, padre.4Gonzalez, Jose, Cat. vol.4Gonzalez, Jose Rafael M., child.4
Gonzalez, Man. Ciriaco, child.4Gonzalez, Juan, soldier.4Gonzalez, Pedro, mechanic.4Gonzalez, Rafael, child.4
Gonzalez, Gerardo, Rafael.1Gonzalez, Jose Leandro, child.4Goycoechea, Felipe, lieutenant.4Grajera, Antonio, lieutenant.4
Grijalva, Juan Pablo, sergeant.2Guerrero, Juan Jose.1Guerrero, Joaquin, soldier.2Guerrero, Jose, servant.2
Guerrero, Jose Antonio, soldier.2Guerrero, Julian, soldier.2Guerrero, Mateo, artilleryman.4Guevara, Jose, soldier.3
Guevara, Jose Canuto, child.4Guevara, Jose Sebastian, child.4Guevara, Sebastian, Cat. vol.4Guevara, Jose Francisco, child.4
Gutierrez, Ignacio Ma., soldier.2Gutierrez, Felipe, soldier.3Gutierrez, Manuel, servant.3Gutierrez, Francisco, Cat. vol.4
Guzman, Isidro, soldier.3Guzman, Juan Ma., child.4Guzman, Toribio, soldier.3Guztinzar, Manuel, servant.4
Haro, Felipe, Cat. vol.4Hechedo, Jose Francisco.4Henriquez, Antonio Dom., weaver.4Heredia, Bernardino, soldier.2
Heredia, Jose Bernardo, soldier.2Hernandez, Jose Rafael.1Hernandez, Vicente Antonio.2Hernandez, Justo, soldier.3
Hernandez, Juan Jose Antonio, child.3Hernandez, Felipe, settler.4Hernandez, Felipe, convict.4Hernandez, Jose Antonio, settler.4
Hernandez, Jose, convict.4Hernandez, J. Jose de la Luz, soldier.4Hernandez, Antonio, saddler.4Hernandez, Juan Maria, saddler.4
Hernandez, Juan, convict.4Herrera, Jose, soldier.4Higuera, Joaquin, soldier.2Higuera, Jose Atanasio, soldier.2
Higuera, Jose Loreto, child.2Higuera, Jose Manuel, soldier.2Higuera, Juan Jose, soldier.2Higuera, Jose Ignacio, soldier.2
Higuera, Bernardo de la Luz, child.2Higuera, Juan Jose, child.3Higuera, Salvador, soldier.3Higuera, Tiburcio, child.3
Higuera, Tiburcio Javier, child.4Higuera, Gregorio Ignacio Ma., child.4Higuera, Hilario.4Higuera, Jose #1, soldier.4
Higuera, Jose #2, soldier.4Higuera, Jose Carlos Salv., child.4Higuera, Jose Geronimo, child.4Higuera, Jose Ma., child.4
Higuera, Jose Policarpo, child.4Higuera, Jose Antonio.4Higuera, Jose.Joaquin.4Higuera, Manuel, soldier.4
Higuera, Nicolas Antonio.4Higuera, Salvador, soIdier.4Horchaga, Jose HiIario, child.3Horchaga, Jose Manuel, child.3
Horchaga, Manuel, soldier.3Hores, Jose, settler.3Horra, Antonio de la C., padre.4Hortel, Juan, Cat. vol.4
Ibarra, Francisco, servant.2lbarra, Andres Dolores, child.3lbarra, Gil Maria, child.3 b San Diego, Mayor of L.A. 1836-37lbarra, Jose Desiderio, child.3
lbarra, Juan Antonio, soldier.3lbarra, Ramon, soldier.3lbarra, Albino, soldier.4Ibarra, Antonio, child.4
Ibarra, Calixto Jose Antonio, child.4Igadera, Jose, convict.4Igareda, Jose Gordiano, settler.4lniquez, Juan, Cat. vol.4
Islas, Miguel, soldier.1Isvan, Jose Albino, soldier.4Iturrate, Domingo S., padre.4Izquierdo, Jose, soldier.2
Jaime, Antonio, padre.4Jaume, Luis, padre.1Jimenez, Francisco, Cat. vol.4Jimenez, Hilario, soldier.4
Jimenez, Pascual Antonio, child.4Juarez, Francisco, soldier.3Juarez, Jose Joaquin, child.4Juncosa, Dom, padre.1
Labra, Juan Antonio, soldier.1Ladron de Guevara, Jose I., soldier.4Landaeta, Martin, padre.4Lasuen, Fermin Francisco, padre.1
Lara, Jose, settler.3Lara, Jose Sostenes, child.4Lara, Julian, soldier.4Lara, Jose Antonio Seferino, child.4
Larios, Jose Ma., soldier.3 For related YDNA see Boyd Ellis LariosLasso de la Vega, Ramon, alferez.3Leal, Isidro Jose, servant.2Leiva, Anastasio, soIdier.2
Leiva, Agustin, soldier.3Leiva, Jose Andres, child.3Leiva, Jose Antonio Ma., soldier.1Leiva, Juan, soldier.3
Leiva, Miguel, soldier.3Leiva, Jose Antonio.4Leiva, Jose Rafael, child.4Leiva, Manuel Ramon, child.4
Leiva, Rufino, soldier.4Leon, Jose Ma., soldier.2Leon, Jose Manuel, soldier.2Lima, Jose, soldier.3
Linares, Ignacio, soldier.2Linares, Jose de los S., child.3Linares, Mariano de Dolores, child.3Linares, Francisco, settler.4
Linares, Ramon, soldier.4Linares, Salvador, soldier.4Lineza, Miguel, Cat. vol.1Lisalde, Diego.4
LisaIde, Felix, soldier.4Lisalde, Juan Crisos. Antonio, child.4Lizalda, Pedro Antonio, soldier.2Llamas, Antonio, Cat. vol.4
Lledo, Rafael, carpenter.4Llepis, Jose Mariano, servant.2Lobo, Jose, soldier.2Lobo, Jose Basilio, child.3
Lobo, Cecilio.4Lobo, Pedro.4Lopez, Baldomero, padre.4Lopez, Jacinto, padre.4
Lopez, Juan Francisco, soldier.1Lopez, Francisco, soldier.2Lopez, Ignacio Ma. de Jesus.2Lopez, Gaspar, soldier.2
Lopez, Joaquin, soldier.2Lopez, Jose Ma., soldier.2Lopez, Luis, soldier.2Lopez, Pedro, servant.2
Lopez, Sebastian A., soldier.2Lopez, Jose Antonio Gil, child.3Lopez, Jose Ma. Ramon, child.3Lopez, Juan Jose, child.3
Lopez, Melchor, soldier.3Lopez, Juan, convict.4Lopez, Cayetano, carpenter.4Lopez, Claudio, soldier.4
Lopez, Cornelio Ma., child.4Lopez, Ignacio, soldier.4Lopez, Estevan Ignacio, child.4Lopez, Juan Jose Trinidad, settler.4
Lozano, Pedro, Cat. vol.4Lugo, Luis Gonzaga, soldier.1Lugo, Francisco, soldier.2Lugo, Ignacio, soldier.2
Lugo, Jose Ignacio, child.2Lugo, Seferino, soldier.2Lugo, Jose Antonio, soldier.3Lugo, Salvador, soldier.3
Lugo, Ant. Ma., soldier.4Lugo, Jose, Cat. vol.4Lugo, Jose Antonio, child.4Lugo, Juan Ma., child.4
Lugo, Juan, servant.4Lugo, Miguel, soldier.4Lugo, Pablo Jose, child.4Lugo, Ramon Lorenzo, child.4
Lujan, Jose, alferez.4Machado, Jose Antonio, child.3Machado, Jose Manuel, soldier.3Machado, Jose Agustin Ant., child.4
Machado, Jose Hilario.4Machado, Jose Ignacio Ant., child.4Machuca, Jose, settler.4Malaret, Domingo, Cat. vol.1
Maldonado. Juan, Cat. vol.4Mallen, Manuel, Cat. vol.4Manrique, Sebastian, soldier.1Manriquez, Luis, soldier.2
Manzana, Miguel A., Cat. vol.Marin, Antonio, Cat. vol.4Marine y Salvatierra, J., artilleryman.4Mariner, Juan, padre.3
Mario, Tomas, soldier.2Marquez, Francisco Rafael, soldier.2Marquez, Jose, soldier.4Marron, Rafael, soldier.3
Martiarena, Jose Manuel, padre.4Martin, Juan, padre.4Martinez, Luis Antonio, padre.4Martinez, Pedro Adriano, padre.4
Martinez, Luis Maria, soldier.2Martinez, Toribio, soldier.2Martinez, Dionisio, servant.3Martinez, Jose Ma., soldier.3
Martinez, Juan Ignacio, soldier.3Martinez, Norberto, child.3Martinez, Antonio, soldier.4Martinez, Bartolome Mateo.4
Martinez, Jose, Cat. vol.4Martinez, Jose Leocadio, settler.4Martinez, Jose Ma., settler.4Martinez, Manuel, Cat. vol.1
Martinez, Maximo.4Martinez, Maximo Ramon, child.4Martinez, Reyes.4Medina, Jose, artilleryman.4
Mejia, Pedro.2Mejia, Francisco Javier, soldier.3Mejia, Juan, soldier.3Melecio, Jose, soldier.3
Mendoza, Manuel, soldier.2Mendoza, Jose de los Reyes, child.4Mendoza, Manuel, Cat. vol.4Mendoza, Mariano, tile-maker.4
Mendoza, Mariano, Jose, weaver.4Mendoza, Miguel, Cat. vol.4Mequias, Juan Alberto, soldier.3Mercado, Mariano, artilleryman.4
Merelo, Lorenzo, padre.4Merino, Agustin, padre.4Mesa, Nicolas Ma., child.2Mesa, Valerio, soldier.2
Mesa, Dolores, soldier.3Mesa, Ignacio, soldier.3Mesa, Juan Antonio, soldier.3Mesa, Luis Ma., child.3
Mesa, Jose Antonio, soldier.4Mesa, Jose Julian Antonio, child.4Mesa, Juan Jose, servant.4Miguel, Jose, padre.3
Miranda, Juan Ma., soldier.3Miranda, Alejo, soldier.3Miranda, Antonio, soldier.3Miranda, Jose Antonio, child.3
Miranda, Apolinario, child.4Miranda, Jose Hilario, soldier.4Miranda, Jose Mariano, Cat. vol.4Miranda, Jose Santiago, child.4
Miranda, Juan Crisostomo, child.4Miranda, Vicente Manuel, child.4Mojica, Jose Ma., settler.4Mojica, Vicente, settler.4
Molas, Jose, Cat. vol.1Molina, Joaquin, settler.2Molina, Pedro, soldier.2Monreal, Jose Antonio Nicolas, child.4
Monroy, Jose, soldier.4Montaloan, Laureano, soldier.3Montana, Antonio, Cat. vol.1Montano, Antonio, soldier.3
Montero, Cesareo Antonio, child.3Montero, Manuel, soldier.4Monteverde, Francisco, artilleryman.4Montial, Juan Andres, soldier.3
Moraga, Jose Joaquin, alferez.2Moraga, Gabriel, soldier.3Moraga, Vicente Jose, child.3Moreno, F. S., soldier.4
Moreno, Felipe Santiago, smith.4Moreno, Felipe, settler.3Moreno, Jose, settler.3Moreno, Juan Francisco, child.4
Moreno, Manuel, soldier.4Morillo, Jose Julian, soldier.1Moumarus, Luis, Cat. vol.1Munoz, Manuel, mechanic.3
Mugartegui, Pablo, padre.1Murguia, Jose Ant., padre.2Murillo, Francisco, carpenter.3Murillo, Juan, smith. 3
Murillo,Loreto, soldier.1Muruato, Jose, Cat. vol.4Navarro, Jose Antonio, settler.3Navarro, Jose, Clemente, child.3
Navarro, Jose Maria, child.3Nieto, Jose Manuel, soldier.1Nieto, Juan Jose Ma., child.3Nieto, Manuel Perez, soldier.3
Nieto, Jose Antonio Ma., soldier.4Noriega, Jose Ramon, soldier.1Noriega, Jose Raimundo, soldier.2Noba, Diego, padre.3
Nocedal, Jose, padre.2Obaye, Jose Antonio, soldier.2Oceguera, Faustino, Cat. vol.4Ochoa, Francisco Javier.1
Ochoa, Felipe, soldier.2Ojeda, Gabriel.1Olivares, Jose Miguel, soldier.2Olivares, Jose Francisco B., child.3
Olivares, Pedro Alcantara, child.3Olivas, Juan Matias, soldier.3Olivas, Cosme.4Olivas, Jose Herculano, child.4
Olivas, Jose Lazaro Ma., child.4Olivas, Jose Nicolas, child.4Olivas, Pablo, settler.4Olivera, Jose Ignacio, soldier.1
Olivera, Juan Maria, soldier.1Olivera, Ignacio, servant.1Olivera, Antonio Lucas Ma., child.2Olivera, Diego Ant. de la Luz, child.3
Olivera, Jose Desiderio, child.3Olivera, Jose, soldier.3Olivera, Jose Leonardo M., child.3Olivera, Jose Ma. Matias, child.3
Olivera, Maximo Jose, child.3Olivera, Tomas Antonio, child.3Olivera, Higinio, soldier.4Olivera, Jose Ant. Secundino, child.4
Olivera, Rosalina Ma., child.4Oliveros, Lucas.4Olvera, Diego, servant.2Olvera, Francisco, servant.2
Ontiveros, Jose Antonio, soldier.1Ontiveros, Francisco, soldier.3Ontiveros, Juan de Dios, settler.4Ontiveros, Juan Ma.4
Ontiveros, Pacifico Juan, child.4Ontiveros, Patricio, soldier.4Oramas, Cristobal, padre.3Oribe, Tomas C., soldier.3
Orozco, Jose Manuel, servant.1Ortega, Jose Francisco, sargeant.1Ortega, Ignacio, soldier.2Ortega, Jose Francisco Ma., child.2
Ortega, Jose Ma., soldier.2Ortega, Juan, soldier.2Ortega, Juan Cap. Ant. M. H., child.2Ortega, Jose Ma. Martin, child.3
Ortega, Juan Cap, child.3Ortega, Miguel, servant.3Ortega, Francisco.4Ortega, Jose Miguel, child.4
Ortega, Jose Quintin de los S., child.4Ortega, Jose Vicente, soldier.4Ortega, Antonio, convict.4Ortega, Matias.4
Ortega, Miguel, Cat. vol.4Ortel, Juan, Cat. vol.4Osequera, Faustino, soldier,4Osio, Jose Ms., Cat. vol.4
Osorio, Jose, artilleryman.4Osorno, Pedro, convict.4Osuna, Juan Ismerio.1Osuna, Juan Luis, soldier.2
Osuna, Miguel, tailor.3Osuna, Jose Joaquin, soldier.3Osuna, Jose Ma.4Osuna, Juan Nepomuceno, child.4
Otondo, Felipe, settler.2Pacheco, Juan Salvio, soldier.2Pacheco, Bartolome Ignacio, setter.2Pacheco, Rafael, convict.4
Pacheco, Miguel, soldier.2Pacheco, Bartolo, soldier.4Pacheco, Francisco, Cat. vol.4Pacheco, Ignacio, child.2
Padilla, Juan, soldier.3Padilla, Jacinto, Cat. vol.4Pajarrales,?, settler.4Palafox, Jose, Cat. vol.4
Palomares, Jose Cristobal. soldier.4Palomares, Jose Ramirez, soldier.3Palou, Francisco, padre.1Panella, Jose, padre.4
Parron, Fernando, padre.1Paterna, Antonio, padre.1Parrilla, Leon, lieutenant.4Patron, Antonio Jose, soldier.2
Parra, Jose, soldier.3Parra, Jose, child.3Parra, Jose Antonio, settler.3Parra, Jose Miguel Sabino, child.3
Patino, Jose Victoriano, soldier.3Payeras, Mariano, padre.4Pedraza, Jose Antonio, settler.3Pedro, Jose Antonio Ma.de S.T., child.2
Pedro, Jose Francisco de S. T., child.2Pedro y Gil, Rafael, storekeeper.2Pena, Francisco Ma., soldier.1Pena, Jose Antonio, soldier.1
Pena, Gerardo, soldier.2Pena, Luis, soldier.2Pena, Eustaquio, child.4Pena, Jose, artilleryman.4
Pena, Teodoro, Cat. vol.4Pena y Saravia, Tomas, padre.1Pengues, Miguel Sobrevia, Cat. vol.1Peralta, Gabriel, soldier.2
Peralta, Juan Jose, soldier.2Peralta, Luis Ma., soldier.2Peralta, Pedro Regalado, soldier.3Peralta, Hermenegildo Ignacio, child.4
Peralta, Juan.4Peralta, Pantaleon, child.4Perez, Juan, captain of vessel.1Perez, Crispin, soldier.2
Perez, Jose Ignacio, soldier.2Perez, Antonio Irimeo, child.4Perez, Antonio Ma., child.4Perez, Estevan.4
Perez, Jose Ma., soldier.4Perez, Jose Ma., convict.Perez, Juan Bautista, Cat. vol.4Perez, Luis, soldier.4
Perez, Manuel, Cat. vol.4Perez Fernandez, Jose, alferez.4Perez de la Fuente, Pedro, settler.2Pericas, Miguel, Cat. vol.1
Peyri, Antonio, padre.4Pico, Santiago de la Cruz, soldier.2Pico, Francisco Javier, soldier.3Pico, Jose Dolores, soldier.3
Pico, Jose Ma., soldier.3Pico, Juan Patrcio, child.3Pico, Joaquin, soldier.4Pico, Jose Antonio Bernardo. child.4
Pico, Jose Vicente, child.4Pico, Mariano.4Pico, Miguel, soldier.4Pico, Patricio, servant.4
Pieras, Miguel, padre.1Pina, Juan Maximo, soldier.3Pina, Mariano, servant.3Pina, Pedro Rafael, child.3
Pinto, Juan Maria, soldier.2Pinto, Pablo, soldier.2Pinto, Marcelo, soldier.2Planes, Geronimo, Cat. vol.1
Plenelo, Valentin, Cat. vol.1Pliego, Jose, settler.4Palanco, Jose, soldier.3Pollorena, Pedro.2
Pollorena, Juan, child.4Pollorena, Rafael Eugenio, child.4PorteIla, Francisco, Cat. vol.1Portola, Gaspar de, governor.1
Preciado, Venancio, servant.3Prestamero, Juan, padre.1Puga, Joaquin, servant.2Puyol, Francisco, padre.4
Prat, Pedro, surgeon.1Puig, Juan, sergt. Cat. vol.1Quesada, Manuel, soldier.4Quesada, Manuel, Cat. vol.4
Quijada, Ignacio Ma., child.3Quijada, Vicente, soldier.3Quijada, Jose Nazario de la T., child.4Quijada, Jose Lorenzo, child.4
Quijada, Simon, child.4Quintero, Luis, settler.3Quintero, Clemente.4Quintero, Teodosio.4
Quinto, Simon Tadeo.4Ramirez, Francisco, soldier.2Ramirez, Bernardo, soldier.3Ramirez, Jose Antonio, carpenter.4
Ramirez, Jose Guadalupe.4Ramos, Jose, smith.3Ramos, Jose, convict.4Ramos, Pablo Antonio, child.3
Resa, Lorenzo, sailor.2Rey, Cristobal, Cat. vol.4Rey, Jose, Cat. vol.4Rey, Juan del, soldier.4
Reyes, Juan Francisco.1Reyes, Martin, soldier.1Reyes, Francisco, settler.3Reyes, Jose Jacinto, child.3
Reyes, Jose, convict.4Reyes, Jose, saddler. 4Reyes, Maximo Julian, child.4Rio, Francisco del.2
Rioboo, Juan Antonio Garcia, padre.3Rios, Feliciano, soldier.2Rios, Julian, soldier.2Rios, Cayetano, child.3
Rios, Silverio Antonio Juan, child.4Rivera, Tadeo, soldier.2Rivera, Joaquin, stone-cutter.4Rivera, Salvador, stone-cutter.4
Rivera y Moncada, Fernando, captain.1Roberto, Justo, soldier.3Roberto, Matias, child.3Robles, Juan Jose, soldier.1
Robles, Manuel Ma., soldier.2Robles, Jose Antonio, settler.4Roca, Carlos Pedro Jose, child.4Roca, Jose, sergeant artilleryman.4
Rocha, Juan Estevan, soldier.1Rocha, Cornelio, settler.4Rocha, Cornelio, convict.4Rocha, Jose, Cat. vol.4
Rocha, Juan Jose Lor., child.4Rochin, Ignacio, soldier.3Rodriguez, Manuel, carpenter.1Rodriguez, Jose, servant.2
Rodriguez, Pablo, settler.2Rodriguez, Vicente, soldier.2Rodriguez, Alejo Maximo, child.3Rodriguez. Inocencio Jose, child.3
Rodriguez, Joaquin, soldier.3Rodriguez, Jose Antonio, soldier.3Rodriguez, Jose Fran. Ant. L., child.3Rodriguez, Jose Ignacio, soldier.3
Rodriguez, Jose de Jesus I., child.3Rodriguez, Jose Leon, child.3Rodriguez, Jose Ma., child.3Rodriguez, Sebastian, child.3
Rodriguez, Alejandro, child.4Rodriguez, Felipe Antonio, child.4Rodriguez, Jose del Carmen S., child.4Rodrlguez, Jose Brigido, child.4
Rodriguez, Juan, child.4Rodriguez, Juan Francisco, child.4Rodriguez, Juan de Dios, child.4Rodriguez, Manuel, cadet.4
Rodriguez, Matias, servant.4Roman, Jose Joaquin, settler.4Romero, Antonio, servant.2Romero, Felipe, smith.2
Romero, Anselmo Jose Ignacio, child.3Romero, Jose Domingo, child.3Romero, Jose Estevan, soldier.3Romero, Jose Ma. Basilio F., child.3
Romero, Juan Maria, child.3Romero, Pedro, soldier.3Romero, Jose Ant. Estevan, child.4Romero, Jose Gregorio, child.4
Romero, Jose Man. Secundino, child.4Romero, Juan Ma., soldier.3Romero, Luis, soldier.4Romero, Rafael, Cat. vol.4
Rosales, Bernardo, muleteer.1Rosales, Cornelio, child.2Rosales, Jose Cornelio, soldier.4Rosalio, Eugenio, soldier.2
Rosas, Juan Estevan.2Rosas, Alejo, settler.3Rosas, Baltasar Juan Jose, child.3Rosas, Basilio, settler.3
Rosas, Carlos, soldier.3Rosas, Jose Alejandro, settler.3Rosas, Jose Maximo, settler.3Rosas, Jose Maximo, child.3
Rosas, Gil Antonio, ebild.4Rosas, Jose Dario, settler.4Rosas, Jose, convict.4Rosas, Jose Antonio, child.4
Rosas, Jose Antonio, soldier.4Rosas, Jose Antonio Doroteo, child.4Rosas, Leon Maria, child.4Rosas, Luis Maria, child.4
Rubi, Mariano, padre.3Rubio, Ascensio Alvarez.1Rubio, Bernardo.1Rubio, Jose Carlos.1
Rubio, Juan Antonio, soldier.1Rubio, Carlos, soldier.3Rubio, Fran. Ramon de la L., child.3Rubio, Mateo, soldier.3
Rubio, Jose Antonio, child.4Rubio, Luis Ma., child.4Rubio, Rafael Felipe, child.4Rubiol, Francisco, Cat. vol.4
Rueda, Pedro.Ruelas, Fernando, soldier.1Ruelas, Francisco, soldier.3Ruelas, Venancio, Cat. vol.4
Ruiz, Antonio Vicente.1Ruiz, Alejandro, soldier.1Ruiz, Juan Ma., soldier.1Ruiz, Diego Ma., soldier.2
Ruiz, Francisco Ma., soldier.2Ruiz, Efigenio, soldier.3Ruiz, Fructuoso Ma., soldier.3Ruiz, Juan Pedro Jacinto, child.3
Ruiz, Nervo Pedro.3Ruiz, Pedro Jose.3Rulz, Estevan, bricklayer.4Ruiz, Ignacio, soldier.4
Ruiz, Jose Hilario, child.4Ruiz, Jose Joaquin, child.4Ruiz, Manuel, mechanic.4Ruiz, Santiago, mason.4
Ruiz, Toribio, mason.4Saez, Nazario, settler.2Saez, Justo, soldier.3Saez, Juan, settler.4
Saez, Miguel.4Saenz, Ignacio, convict.4Sajo, Jose, soldier.3Sal, Hermenegildo, soldier.2
Sal, Ignacio Francisco, child.4Sal, Domingo, child.4Sal, lvleliton, child.4Salazar, Alonso Isidro, padre.4
Salazar, Doroteo de la, Luz, child.3Salazar, Doroteo, soldier.3Salazar, Jose Loreto, soldier.3Salazar, Juan Jose, child.3
Salazar, Miguel, soldier.4Salas, Francisco, Cat. vol.4Salazar, Jose Marcos, settler.4Salazar, Jose, convict.4
Salazar, Miguel, soldier.4Samaniego, Jose Ma. Gil, soldier.3Samaniego, Pablo Ant. Nemesio, child.3Samaniego, Tiburcio Antonio, child.3
Samaniego, Jose del Carmen, child.4Sanchez, Francisco Miguel, padre.1Sanchez, Joaquin, servant.2Sanchez, Joae Antonio, soldier.2
Sanchez, Juan, sailor.2Sanchez, Francisco, soldier.3Sanchez, Jose Tadeo, soldier.3Sanchez, Jose Segundo, soldier.4
Sanchez, Jose Antonio, child.4Sanchez, Juan, soldier.4Sanchez, Juan Ma., child.4Sanchez, Vicente.4
Sanchez, Vicente Anastasio, child.4Sangrador, Miguel, tanner.4Sandoval, Antonio, servant.2Sandoval, Gregorio Antonio, soldier.3
Santa Ana, Jose Francisco, child.4Santa Catarina y Noriega, M., padre.2Santa Maria, Vicente, padre.2Santiago, Juan Jose M., padre.3
Sarmiento, Francisco, Cat. vol.4Sarco, Jose Joaquin. artilleryman.4Segundo, Angel, seitler.2Segura, Gregorio, smith.3
Senan, Jose Francisco de P., padre.3Sepulveda, Rafael, soldier.2Sepulveda, Juan Jose, soldier.2Sepulveda, Francisco Javier, soldier.3
Sepulveda, Enrique.4Sepulveda, Francisco Javier, child.4Sepulveda, Jose Dolores, child.4Sepulveda, Jose Enrique A., child.4
Sepulveda, Jose de los Dolores, child.4SepuIveda, Patricio.4Sepulveda, Sebastian, soldier.4Serra, Junipero, padre.1
Serrano, Francisco, soldier.3Serrano, Leandro Jose, child.3Serrano, Jose Maria, Cat. vol.4Servin, Jose Isidro, Cat. vol.4
Sierra, Benito, padre.2Silva, Jose, settler.2Silva, Hilario Leon Jose, child.2Silva, Jose Manuel, servant.2
Silva, Jose Miguel, soldier.2Silva, Juan de Dios J. S., child.3Silva, Rafael, child.3Silva, Hilario Leon Jose, child.4
Silva, Jose de los Santos, child.4Silva, Jose Ma., child.4Silva, Jose Manuel Victor, child.4Silva, Teodoro.4
Sinova, Jose, soldier.2Sinova, Jose Francisco, servant.2Sitjar, Buenaventura, padre.1Sola, Faustino, padre.3
Soberanes, Jose Ma,, soldier.1Soberanes, Agustin, servant.2Soberanes, Jose Ma,, soldier.2Soler, Juan, store-keeper.2
Soler, Nicolas, captain.3Soler, Pablo, surgeon.4Solis, Alejandro, soldier.2Solorzano, Francisco, soldier.4
Solorzano, Juan, soldier.4Solorzano, Juan Mateo, child.4Solorzano, Pio Antonio, child.4Somera, Jose Antonio F., padre.1
Sorno, Jose Nolasco, settler.4Sorde, Jose, Cat. vol.1Sotelo, Francisco Antonio, soldier.2Sotelo, Jose Antonio, soldier.2
Sotelo, Jose Gabriel, child.3Sotelo, Jose Ma., child.3Sotelo, Jose Antonio, child.4Sotelo, Jose Ma. Tiburcio, child.4
Sotelo, Ramon, soldier.4Soto, Mateo Ignacio.1Soto, Alejandro, soldier.2Soto, Damaso, child.2
Soto, Francisco Jose Dolores, child.2Soto, Francisco Ma., child.2Soto, Ignacio, soldier.2Soto, Isidro, child.2
Soto, Francisco Rexis, soldier.3Soto, Guillermo, soldier.3Soto, Ignacio Javier.3Soto, Jose, Joaquin, child.3
Soto, Mariano, servant.3Soto, Antonio, settler.4Soto, Jose Ma. Ant., child.4Soto, Juan.4
Soto, Miguel, soldier.4Soto, Rafael.4Soto, Tomas.1Sotomayor, Alejandro, soldier.1
Sotomaycr, Jose Crisogono. Sotomayor, Jose Doroteo.Suarez, Simon, lieutenant.4Talamantes,?, soldier.4
Tapia, Felipe Santiago, soldier.2Tapia, Bartolome, servant.3Tapia, Cristobal.3Tapia, Jose Bartolo, settler.3
Tapia, Jose Francisco. soldier.3Tapia, Francisco, soldier.4Tapia, Jose Antonio, child.4Tapia, Mariano, potter.4
Tapinto, Mariano, tailor.4Tapis, Estevan, padre.3Tejo, Ignacio Antonio, Cat. vol.4Tico, Jose Joaquin, sergeant Cat. vol.4
Tico, Fern. Jose Ma. Ign. M., child.4Tobar, Albino, settler.4Toca, Jose Manuel, teacher.4Toral, Jose Perez, cadet.4
Torres, Victoriano, settler.2Torres, Narciso, Cat. vol.4Torres, Nicolas.4Torrens, Hilario, padre.3
Trasvinas, Antonio, soldier.1Trujillo, Jose, Cat. vol.4Ulloa, Jose Santos, smith.3Uribes, Miguel, settler.4
Ursetino, Jose, carpenter.2Uria, Jose Antonio, padre.4Usson, Ramon, padre.1Valderama, Jose Cornelio, settler.4
Valdes, Juan Bautista, soldier.2Valdes, Antonio Albino, child.3Valdes, Antonio Ma. de Sta M., child.3Valdes, Eugenio, soldier.3
Valdes, Jose Basilio, child.3Valdes, Jose Lorenzo, servant.3Valdes, Jose Melesio, soldier.3Valdes, Juan Melesio, soldier.3
Valdes, Luciano Jose, child.3Valdes, Maximo Tomas, child.3Valdes, Antonio.4Valdes, Crecencio.4
Valdes, Francisco, Cat. vol.4Valdes, Gregorio.4Valdes, Jose Rafael, child.4Valencia, Jose Manuel, soldier.2
Valencia, Francisco, soldier.3Valencia, Ignacio.3Valencia, Juan Ignacio, soldier.3Valencia, Juan Vicente Cris., child.3
Valencia, Manuel, settler.3Valencia, Miguel Antonio, child.3Valencia, Jose Antonio, child.4Valencia, Jose Manuel, child.4
Valenzuela, Agustin, soldier.2Valenzuela, Jose Julian, child.2Valenzuela, Rafael, soldier.2Valenzuela, Angel, soldier.3
Valenzuela, Antonio Ma., child.3Valenzuela, Gaspar Jose, child.3Valenzuela, Jose.3Valenzuela, Jose Antonio Ma., child.3
Valenzuela, Jose Manuel, soldier.3Valenzuela, Antonio de Gr., child.4Valenzuela, Joaquin, child.4Valenzuela, Jose Antonio Ma., child.4
Valenzuela, Jose Candelario, child.4Valenzuela, Jose Ignacio.4Valenzuela, Jose Rafael, child.4Valenzuela, Juan, soldier.4
Valenzuela, Juan Angel, child.4Valenzuela, Juan Ma., child.4Valenzuela, Maximo.4Valenzuela, Pedro, soldier.4
Valenzuela, Simeon Maximo, child.4Valenzuela, Vicente, soldier.4Valenzuela, Vicente Antonio, child.4Valenzuela, Jose Ma., child.3
Valenzuela, Jose Matias, child.3Valenzuela, Jose Miguel, child.3Valenzuela, Jose Pedro, soldier.3Valenzuela, Jose Ramon child.3
Valenzuela, Segundo, soldier.3Valero, Ignacio, soldier.4Vallejo, Ign. Vicente Ferrer, soldier.2Vallejo, Juan Jose, soldier.2
Vallejo, Jose de Jesus, child.4Vanegas, Cosme.4Varelas, Casimiro, settler.2Varelas, Juan, child.2
Varelas, Jose Cayetano, child.3Varelas, Jose Manuel, child.4Varelas, Juan, soldier.4Vargas, Manuel, sergeant.3
Vazquez, Gil Anastacio, soldier.2Vazquez, Jose Francisco, child.2Vazquez, Juan Atanasio, soldier.2Vazquez, Juan Silverio, child.2
Vazquez, Jose Tiburcio, settler.2Vazquez, Antonio, soldier.4Vazquez, Jose, convict.4Vazquez, Faustino.4
Vazquez, Felipe.4Vazquez, Felix.4Vazquez, Hermenegildo.4Vazquez, Jose Antonio Pablo, child.4
Vazquez, Jose Timoteo, settler.4Vazquez, Julio Ma., child.4Vega, Jose Manuel, Cat. vol.4Vegas, Matias, soldier.2
Vejar, Pablo, carpenter.4Vejar, Salv., carpenter.4Velarde, Jose Jacobo, soldier.2Velarde, Jose Ma., soldier3
Velarde, Agustin.4Velarde, Jose Luciano.4Vegerano, Jose Ma., muleteer.1Velasco, Fernando, soldier.3
Velasco, Jose Ignacio Mateo, child.3Velazquez, Jose.1Velazquez, Jose Ms., convict.4Velez, Jose Miguel, settler.2
Velis, Jose, Cat. vol.4Verdugo, Joaquin.1Verdugo, Jose Ma., soldier.1Verdugo, Francisco Ma,. de la Cruz.1
Verdugo, Mariano de la Luz, soldier.1Verdugo, Florencio, soldier.2Verdugo, Ignacio Leonardo Ma.2Verdugo, Juan Diego, soldier.2
Verdugo, Juan. Ma., soldier.3Verdugo, Leonardo, soldier.3Verdugo, Manuel Jose, child.3Verdugo, Anselmo Jose, child.4
Verdugo, Joaquin.4Verdugo, Jose Francisco, child.4Verdugo, Juan Andres Dolores, child.4Verdugo, Julio Antonio Jose, child.4
Verdugo, Meliton,Jose.4Verduzco, Anastasio Javier.1Viader, Jose, padre.4Victoriano, soldier.1
Vila, Vicente, captain of vessel.1Villa, Jose, settler. 3 For related YDNA see John Keith VillaVilla, Vicente Ferrer, child.3 For related YDNA see John Keith VillaVilla, Eleuterio.4
Villa, Jose Antonio Doroteo, child.4Villa, Jose Francisco Antonio, child.4Villa, Pascual, soldier.4Villa, Rafael.4
Villalba, Onofre, Cat. vol.4Villagomez, Francisco, soldier.2Villalobos, Jose, soldier.2Villalobos, Jose Ma, child.4
Villasenor, Jose, artilleryman.4Villavicencio, Rafael, soldier.1Villavicencio, Jose Antonio, child.2Villavicencio, Antonio, settler.3
Villavicencio, Felix, settler.3Villavicencio, Pascual, settler.4Villavicencio, Jose, soldier.4Villarino, Felix Antonio, settler.4
Villela, Juan Manuel, soldier.2Villela, Marcos, soldier.4Vinals, Jose, padre.4Virjan, Manuel, muleteer.2
Vizcaino, Juan, padre.1Vizcarra, Jose, soldier.4Yorba, Antonio, Cat. vol.1Yorba, Francisco Javier, soldier.4
Yorba, Jose Antonio.4Yorba, Jose Domingo, child.4Yorba, Tomas.4Zambrano, Nicolas, soldier.1
Zayas, Jose Salvador, soldier.3Zuniga, Pedro B., child.2Zuniga, Pio Quinto, soldier.2Zuniga, Jose, lieutenant.3
Zuniga, Jose Antonio, child.3Zuniga, Jose Valentin Q., child.3Zuniga, Serapio Ma., child.3Zuniga, Guillermo. A., child.4
Zuniga, Jose Manuel, child.4Zuniga, Ventura.4

Number 1 - This individual appears on the records of Alta California between 

Number 2 - This individual appears on the records of Alta California between 
Juan Bautista de Anza led an expedition of Colonization and Exploration to 
Alta California between 1774 and 1776. See Web de Anza.

Number 3 - This individual appears on the records of Alta California between 

Number 4 - This individual appears on the records of Alta California between