The following is a list of names found on public documents in Northeastern Mexico before 1724.
Early Entrants into Northeastern New Spain (C-D)
CaballeroHorseman - GentlemanBaeza, Catalonia, Aragon1675
CabezaHeadNorthern Spain
CaceresChannel in irrigationEstremadura1635
CalderonCopper kettle, large potNorthern Spain1694
CamachoOrigin, France or Portugal1637
CanalesCanalsNorthern Spain
CampoCampsite, large landholdEntire Spain
CanoNorth and Central Spain1674
CantuDerivative of CantutiItalian origin (not a Spaniard)1630
CapetilloSmall cloakBasque1706
CardenasBasque and Northern Spain
CarrilloSmall cartNorthern Spain1614
CasasHouse or housesAll Spain1610
CastanoFruit of chestnut treeBasque1578
CastilloCastleNorthem Spain1638
CastroFortress, or ruins of fortressCastile, Aragon, Catalonia1634
CavasosItalian Origin1630
CenicerosAsh pit
CentenoRye plantCastile1693
CepedaHealth spotCastile1660
CerdaBristleCastile and Aragon1666
CerroSpine or backboneCastile
ChamorroBald or shornCentral Spain
ChapaItaly (Schapparia)1648
CharlesCharles (name)All Spain
ChirriniPossibly Italian
CobosFlatterBasque or northern Spain
CondeCount (title)Galicia1649
ContrerasTo be contraryBurgos
CorreaLeather garmentGalicia1650
CorrejoSole leatherCastile
CortesMannerly, courteousNorthern Spain
CortinasCurtain, window shadeBasque1697
CovarrubiasRose-colored grotto1655
CruzCross (favored by Tlascalans)Castile1628
CuadraSquare or blockAll Spain
CubillosTo take shelterBasque
DavilaFrom AvilaCastile1661
DiazDay or daysAll Spain1600
Diez Day or daysAll, Spain
DominguezSon of DominicCentral Spain1663

Family Histories (a work in progress)

Caballero - Coat of Arms. A branch of this family came to Mexico.
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Cadena - From De Aguilar de Campoo, Vallodolid. Part of this family entered Mexico their arms 
are: en campo de sinople, una torre de plata, y brochante sobre el todo, una cadena de azur 
puesta en banda.
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Calderon - Decendants of Don Vela de Aragon, son of King Don Sancho Ramirez.
An early arrival directly to Mexico was Juan Calderon who arrived in 1538. 
He was from Cabeza del Buey, Badajoz. Parents: Juan Calderon and Francisca 
Garcia. The was another Juan Calderon that arrived in 1536. He was from 
Toledo. Parents: Francisco Calderon and Catalina Sanchez.
Pedro Calderon arrived in 1534 from Llerena, Badajoz. Parents: Gonzalo Ruiz
and Catalina de Avila.
Rodrigo Calderon arrived with his wife Teresa Nunez in 1532. He was a minor 
member of nobility (hidalgo). Parents: Diego Mejia and Maria Sanchez de la 
Mata. There were 5 sons and 3 daughters (one married a Conquistador of Mx).
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Caliz - The first Caliz to arrive in Mexico was Alonso Caliz who came in 1534. Parents: Fernando 
and Leonor Caliz. 
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Canales - Coat of Arms.
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Cano - Coat of Arms.
David Cano's Family Home Page
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Cantu - Armas: Escudo cortado: 1, un brazo armado empunando un cetro flordelisado, moviente
del flanco siniestro y 2, tres bandas de gules, sobre campo de plata. 
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Cardenas - Related to the early nobles of Spain. Several branches of this family came to 
America. Coat of Arms. 
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Casas - Decendants of Don Guillen, Viscount of Limoges, who came to Spain for the conquest 
of Sevilla under the orders of Don Fernando III "the Saint". 
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Castro - From the village of Castrogeriz, Burgos. One of the five lines of Castellanos that
together with the Lara, Haro, Guzman and Villamayor came the first Kings. Castro Homepage
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Cerda - A name connected to Spanish royalty.  The son of Fernado X called the Wise, King of 
Castile and Leon and claimant to German lands circa 1325 was a de la Cerda.
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Cepeda - Francisco de Cepeda an early settler of Puebla married the natural daughter of the 
Conquistador Garcia del Pilar.
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Cervantes - Decendants of the Knight Nuno Alonso. A branch of this family came to Mexico.
Coat of Arms.
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Cervera - Decendant of the Captain Galceran, who distinguished himself in the conquest of 
the town of Cervera. 
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Chapa - The originator of this name was Juan Bautista Chapa born in Arbisola Italy.
His parents were Bartolme Schapparia and Batestina Badi. He served as chronicler under 
five spanish Governors of northeastern New Spain. He wrote for over forty years of the
wars with the Indians and trips made into Texas to hunt the French. A well documented 
history of the area. 
Texas & Northeastern Mexico, 1630-1690  by Juan Bautista Chapa
is his account of this time.

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Contreras - Coat of Arms.
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Correa - Antonio Correa was the first Correa to Mexico in 1534. He was from Portugal and 
served under the Conquistador Pedro de Alvarado.
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Cortes - On March 7th 1525 the Emperor Don Carlos I awarded Hernan Cortes the following 
arms: escudo cuartelado 1, en campo de plata, un aguila exployanda de sable 2, en campo 
de sable, tres coronas de oro mal ordenadas 3, en campo de gules, un leon rampante de 
oro y 4, en campo de azur, una ciudad sobre ondas de agua de azur y plata sobre el todo,
escuson con las armas descritas de los Cotes de Andalucia. Bordura de oro, con siete 
cabezas de indios engarzados en una cadena de sable. Coat of Arms. 
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Covarrubias - From the town of the same name in Lerma, Burgos.
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Cruz - Coat of Arms. 
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Cuadra - In 1597 Juana de Cuadra inherited properties once owned by the Conquistador 
Alonso de Serna. Probably a granddaughter. Under Spanish custom you could use your 
grandparents, mothers or your fathers surname (ie her decendants could have used her
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Cuevas - Coat of Arms.
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Davila - Decendants of Blasco Gimeno, govenor of Avila near the end of the 12th century.
This family extended throughout the Iberian Penninsula and to America. In 1528 a decendant 
Don Diego de Avila was made a prisoner of the King of France in the battle of Pavia.
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Delgado - Coat of Arms.
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Diaz - Coat of Arms.
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Dominguez - The Delgadillo y Dominguez Family History Site