The following is a list of names found on public documents in Northeastern Mexico before 1724.
Early Entrants into Northeastern New Spain (P-R)
PachecoUnknown: Roman originPortugal and Andalusia 1695
PalaciosPalacesBasque and Central Spain1662
PalomaresPigeon houseAragon and Castile1697
PastranaShepherd or clergymanCentral Spain1628
PazPeaceWestern Spain1642
PedrazaA thrown stone, probablyCastile1635
PenaLarge, rough boulderCastile and North Spain1610
PenalosaDerived from "Large, rough boulder" Estremadura1689
PeralesPear orchardLeon, Valencia
PerezSon of PedroAll Spain1580
PinedaPine woodsCastile
PintoMulticoloredPortugal and Castile1667
PizarroSlate (Basque)Estremadura, Central Spain1699
PortilloSmall gateBasque1691
PozaHole, well, waterholeCatalonia1663
PrietoBlackAll Spain1699
PrimoFirst; first cousinCastile
PulgarinPinch, thumbsnapEstremadura
QuintanaCountry house (Latin)Central Spain1642
QuintanillaSmall country houseAsturias1603
QuinteroResident in country houseCentral Spain1614
RamirezSon of RamiroAll Spain1580
RamonRaymondFrench, Catalonia1682
RamosBranches, offshootsCentral Spain
RangelAsturias, Andalusia1671
RecioSwift, strongCentral Spain1692
ReinaQueen, Virgin MaryNavarre, Basque Central Spain 1653
RendonRash; act abruptlyCastile1655
RenteriaPlace nameBasque1600
RetisStiff, distancedPiojano1664
ReyesKing, leaderOrense1663
RiesoTool to cut stoneLeon
Rio (Rios)River or riversCentral Spain1580
RivaA berm between fieldsBasque1628
RiveraFlood plain, deltaNorthern Spain
RochaCliff in mountainsFrance and Catalonia1646
RodriguezSon of RodrigoAll Spain1580
RojasRuddyNorthern Spain
RomeroOne coming from RomeCentral Spain1635
Rosa, de laOf the roseAll Spain1673
RosasRosesAll Spain1671
RosalRose bushesAsturias1686
RuaVillage streetGalicia
RuizSon of RuyAll Spain1636
* Source of the above info.:  Duaine, Carl Laurence. "With All Arms A Study of a Kindred Group" Edinburg, Texas: 
New Santander Press, 1987.

Family Histories (a work in progress)

Paez - there were 2 brothers from Sevilla that arrived in 1536. Their names were Juan 
and Cristobal Paez. Parents: Miguel and Leonora Ruiz.
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Palacios - an early arrival in 1538 was Andres Palacios from Cogeces de Iscar, Valladolid.
Parents: Juan Diaz de Benevides and Ines Arias. There also was a Cosme de Palacios 
who arrived in 1536 from Espinar de Segovia. Parents: Juan de Palacios and Francisca 
de Salcedo.
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Paz - as a child Cortes stayed with relatives that were Paz and Nunez. These are his 
relatives although Paz was not a family name of Cortes. An early arrival was Alonso 
Paz in 1525 from Salamanca. He worked for Cortes. Other arrivals all related to Cortes 
from Salamanca were Francisco and Pedro Paz who came with their Aunt Ana Nunez. 
Rodrigo who arrived in 1525 worked for Cortes and was murdered by Cortes' enemies a 
year later.  
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Pedraza - an early arrival was Andres Pedraza from La Torre, Badajoz. He came to 
Mexico in 1537 and his parents were Alonso Gomez and Catalina de Pedraza. Cristobal 
Pedraza a lawyer from Sevilla came to Mexico in 1526. He was known as a protector of
the Indians in Honduras in 1538 and was in Cuba in 1540.
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Penalosa - Ines de Penalosa arrived with her husband Juan de Molina from Sevilla in 
1534. Isabel Penalosa arrived in Mexico in 1536. Her parents were Diego Hurtado and 
Catalina Nunez.
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Perales - Bartolome Perales arrived in Mexico in 1527 but had been in the Indies since 
1511. He Settled in Mexico City and married Mari Jimenez and had at least a namesake son.
He married a second time after his wife died. His Parents were Andres Perales and Maria 
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Perez - on December 31,1539 the Conquistador Don Diego Perez de Zamora a resident of 
New Spain (Mexico) was granted the following Coat of Arms by the Emperor Carlos I: 
escudo cuartelado: 1, ondeado de azur y plata, y brochante, una esfera, superada de 
un arbol de sinople, y un letrero que dice "Tenochtitlan" 2, en campo de azur, un 
brazo armado con una espada ensangrentada en la mano 3, en campo de plata, un leon
pardo, naciente de ondas de agua de azur y plata y 4, en campo de sinople, un tigre
al natural. Bordura de oro, con esta leyenda en letras de sable: "Deponit posentis
de sede et exaltavit humiles".
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Pineda - Maria Pineda arrived in Mexico City with her husband Gonzalo de Ller in 1523. 
Widowed with 5 children by 1547. Pedro Pineda arrived in Mexico from Piedrahita, Avila
in 1524. He was a conquistador of Cipotecas and a founder of Puebla in 1532. He is on 
the records there til 1547.
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Pinto - Armas: En campo de azur, cinco crecientes de plata, puestos en sotuer. 
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Pizarro - there was an Alonso Pizarro who settled the Yucatan in 1527. He came from 
Caceres as did Fernando Pizarro who settled in Mexico City after participating in the 
conquest of Guatamala 1523-24.
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Portillo - In addition to the Conquistadors already mention there were Gonzalo de 
Portillo of Almodovar del Campo arrived in Mexico in 1531. He was Mayor of Zultepec 
and Cacualpa and a resident of Mexico City. He married the daughter of the Conquistador 
Andres Nunez. Gonzalo's brother Fernando Portillo arrived in 1538. Their parents were 
Alonso Portillo and Aldonza Diaz. 
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Poza - of the area close to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Armas: En campo de azur, 
tres bandas de gules perfiladas de oro.

Quevedo - the first to arrive in Mexico in 1526 was Alejo de Quevedo from Toro, Zamora.
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Quintanilla - Andres de Quintanilla is on the records as dying in Medellin, Mexico in 
1526. He was from Sevilla and married to Catalina de la Pena.
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Quintero - the Quintero's were involved as pilots in Colon's (Columbus') voyages to the 
new world as well as Cortes and Almagro's voyages to north and south america 
respectively. These Quinteros were all from Palos, Huelva.
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Ramon - A historical link to Diego Ramon and also The Ramon Expedition.

Ramos - two early arrivals aside from the conquistadors already mentioned were Antonio 
and Gabriel Ramos who arrived in Mexico in 1538. They were from Malaga. Parents: 
Antonio Ramos and Beatriz Gonzalez.
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Recio - Francisco Recio arrived in Mexico in 1537 from Portillo, Valladolid. His parents 
were Pedro Recio and Maria Gutierrez. Martin Recio from Mondejar, Guadalajara Spain 
arrived in Mexico in 1539. Parents: Martin and Catalina Recio. Settled in Oaxaca.
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Reina - there was a Luis Reina who arrived in Mexico from Sevilla in 1535. His parents 
were Miguel de Reina and Leonora de Tinagera.
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Reinaldos - decendants are from Juan de Reinaldos. Born in Brussels, Belgium in 1609.
The son of Juan de Reinaldos and Ana Ruiz Valerio. He joined Zavala while still in 
Castile before Zavala returned to Mexico.

Renteria - Martin Renteria arrived in Mexico from Renteria, Guipozcoa circa 1530. He was 
one of the founders of Compostela, Nueva Galicia in 1531. 
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Reta - Armas: En campo de gules, una faja de oro.

Reyes - En campo de oro, un castillo de piedra, superado de una estrella de azur, 
bordura de plata, con ocho arminos de sable.
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Rodriguez - on October 18,1539 the Conquistador Don Juan Rodriguez-Bejarano a 
resident of Mexico City was granted the following Coat of Arms by the Emperor 
Carlos I: en campo de oro, un castillo de gules, sobre ondas de agua de azur y 
plata: bordura de azur, con ocho rosas de oro.
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Rosa, de la - Francisco de la Rosa came to Mexico from Fuente Del Arco, Badajoz in 
1535. Parents: Mingo Martin de la Rosa and Leonora Garcia.
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