Welcome to The Genealogy of Mexico, we start out here with "The Conquistadors"; a list of the individuals that served the King with Cortes. Scholars estimate over 2,200 Conquistadors served under Cortes with one quarter to one third dying in the conflict. It is estimated that over 90% of Cortes' Conquistadors stayed in New Spain (Mexico). Many of these men helped form the basis of Mexico's population today. There were 102 passengers that came over on the Mayflower in 1620. It is estimated that 25% of all americans are related to them. There were over 2000 of Cortes' conquistadors who started arriving in Mexico from 1519 to 1521. Many have been able to trace back to these individuals. If we traced our ancestors 19 generations back to the time of Cortes, and we had distinct family lines we would end up with roughly one half million direct relations living at that time (our ancestors double every generation we go back). Since many of our family lines have duplicate branches in our family tree we end up with less than the half million but still representing a great many family names. On these pages lie some of our family names and ancestors. On November 8th, 1519 the conquistadors reached the island city of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City). The city was the largest most of them would have ever seen. They describe entering the city as dream like. In their own words "fortresses, splendid monuments ... royal dwelling places! Glorious heights! How marvelous it was to gaze on them ... all stuccoed, carved and crowned with different types of merlons, painted with animals, covered with stone figures...! The palace in which the conquistadors were lodged was described as "a wonder to behold. There were innumerable rooms inside, antechambers, splendid halls, mattresses of large cloaks, pillows of leather and tree fiber, good eiderdowns, and admirable white fur robes, as well as well made wooden seats. The attendance too was something which befitted a great prince or lord". Later in 1520 war broke out in Cortes' absence and thus began the conquest of the Mexica (term Aztec was not used at the time) of Mexico, lasting until 1521. Historians estimate that only 60,000 Mexica defenders of Tenochtitlan survived the conquest. This of an estimated 300,000. We now start with: Cortes, Hernando - born in Medellin. Returned to Spain but had children, a daughter Leonor with the daughter of Montezuma (Tecuichpo "Isabel") and a son Martin with the Mayan interpreter Marina. In his latter years in the hope of recapturing some of his old glory, he and his son Martin (he had two sons with this name) volunteered to go to war in Algiers. He fell ill and never was able to return to Mexico alive. Hernando Cortes requested in his will that his remains eventually be buried in Mexico. Before he died he had the Pope remove the "natural" status of 3 of his children (legitimizing them in the eyes of the church) including Martin the son he had with Marina, said to be his favorite. His third letter to King Charles V documents his re-taking of Tenochtitlan and is detailed in the book "The Conquistadors First-Person Accounts of the Conquest of Mexico". Portrait. The Genealogy of Hernando Cortes - Conqueror of Mexico Cortes' Family Tree THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF HERNAN CORTES Full document of Cortes' Will, along with facts surrounding his burial and the mystery of where he was laid to rest. Letters From Mexico by Hernando Cortes The conquest in his own words. 563 pages. The Genealogy of Moctezuma - Emperor of Mexico Includes Emperors, Dukes and Counts of Moctezuma. Also a link to his descendants in Spain. List of Those Who Served with Cortes (A-E)
Abarca, PedroAguilar, Francisco deAguilar, Garcia de
Abascal, Pedro deAbendano, Indigo deAbrego, Gonzalo de
Abrego, Gonzalo deAcevedo, BartolomeAcevedo, Francisco
Acevedo, LuisAdalama, JuanAguayo, Lorenzo
Aguilar, AlonsoAguilar, DiegoAguilar, Hernando
Aguilar, Jeronimo deAguilar, Juan deAguilar, Pedro de
Aguilar de Campoo, JuanAguilera, Garcia deAguilera, Juan de
Agundel, Diego deAlamilla, Francisco deAlamilla, Sebastian
Albaida, Antonio deAlburquerque, Domingo Garcia deAlburquerque, Domingo de
Alaminos, Gonzalo deAlanis, AlonsoAlanis, Pedro
Alarcon, Francisco deAlbacete, BenitoAlbarca, Rodrigo
Alanes, Melchor deAlanis, JeronAlaminos, Antonio de (2)
Alba, Juan deAlberza, ?Alcantara, Juan de
Alderete, Julian deAlduines, Alonso deAleman, Gaspar
Alfaro, EliasAllende, Antonio deAlmesto, Juan de
Almodovar, AlvaroAlmodovar, DiegoAlmodovar, Juan
Almodovar, AntonioAlmonte, Pedro deAlonso, Martin
Almonte, JuanAlonso, AndresAlonso, Luis
Alonso, AlvaroAlonso, HernandoAlonso Roldan, Pedro
Alonso, RodrigoAlonso, RuiAlonso, Ruy
Alonso, HernandoAlonso Gamboa, CristobalAlonso de Portillo, Pedro
Altamirano, JuanAlva, Lorenzo deAlvarado, ?
Aldama, JuanAlvarado, Garcia deAlvarado, Gomez de
Alvarado, Francisco deAlvarez, Alonso (2)Alvarez, Juan
Alvarado, Gonzalo deAlvarado, Juan deAlvarado, Jorge de
Alvarado, Pedro deAlvarez Chico, RodrigoAlvarez Chico, Juan
Alvarez Chico, FranciscoAlvarez Galeote, JuanAlvarez Rubazo, Juan
Alvarez Chico, GarciAlvarez, PedroAlmesta, Alonso de
Alvarez Santarem, JuanAlvarez de Espinoza, AlonsoAmaya, Antonio de
Amaya, PedroAlaejos, Juan deAlvaro, ?
Anaya, Pedro deAncielos, Joan deAnguiano, Antonio
Anasco, Rodrigo deAngulo y Garciano, JuanAparicio, Francisco
Anton, MartinAparicio, Juan deAparicio, Martin
Aponte, Esteban deArevalo, AlonsoArevalo, Melchor
Aracena, Juan deAragon, HernandoAragon, Juan
Aragon, Pedro deArbolanche, ? Arriaga, Antonio de
Aranda, Juan deArchiaga, ?Arcos, Francisco de
Arcos, Gonzalo deArcos, Hernando deArcos, Juan de
Arcos Cervero, Gonzalo deArevalo, AntonioArevalo, Francisco
Arevalo, Luis deArevalo, PedroArgueta, Hernando
Arias, AntonioArias de Avila, GasparArias de Sopuerta, Pedro
Arizavalo, AntonioArmeno, JuanArmenta, Pedro
Arriaga, Juan deArbenga, ? Arguello, Juan de
Arpa, Pedro deArriaga, Juan deArroyo, Antonio
Arteaga, Domingo (2)Asencio, PedroAserrador, Clemente
Arroyuelo, ? Astorga, BartolomeAsturiano, Francisco de
Assia, Ochoa deAsturiano, AlonsoAsturias, Pedro de
Avalano, JuanAvalos, Melchor deAvelica, ?
Avesala, Hernando deAvila, Alonso deAvila, Diego
Avila, Francisco deAvila, Gonzalo deAvila, Sancho de
Avila, Juan deAvila, Rodrigo deAvila (Quinones), Gaspar de
Avila (Quinones), Juan deAviles, Pedrarias deAvila, Luis de
Avila y Benevides, AlonsoAviles, Lope deAvo, Juan de
Axeces, Juan deAyamonte, Diego deAyllon, ?
Ayllon, Juan deAzamar, Diego deAzedo, Bartolome
Aznar, AntonioAzpeitia, JuanesBarrera, Cristobal
Bachiller, MartinBardales, DiegoBadillo, Rodrigo
Baena, ?Baena (Lores), AlonsoBaez, Jorge
Baez, MartinBaez, RodrigoBaeza, Diego de
Baeza, Pedro deBalades, ?Baldelomar, ?
Baldivia, ?Baldovinas, ?Ballestero, Juan
Badajoz, Gutierre deBallestero, Francisco deBallesteros, Rodrigo
Balmaseda (Valmaseda), Pedro deBamba Cabeza de Vaca, PedroBandadas, ?
Bandoy, Juan deBanegas (Vanegas), CristobalBaptista (Bautista), ?
Balvas, Pedro deBarco, Francisco delBarrios, Don Andres de
Barahona, Martin deBarahona, Sancho deBarcelona, Clemente de
Barcena, Pedro deBarco, Pedro delBarrientos, Alvaro
Bargas, Francisco deBatista de Rapalo, Juan Baptista, Juan
Barba, PedroBarrientos, Hernando deBerlanga, ?
Barrios, Cristobal deBarro, JuanBasurto, Alonso de
Bautista, JuanBautista de Grimaldo, JuanBazan, Gonzalo
Becerra, AlonsoBecerra, AlvaroBecerra, Andres
Becerril, SantiagoBejerano, DiegoBellido, Alonso
Bejerano, ServanBello, JuanBenavides, Alonso
Bellido, JuanBello, AlonsoBenavente, Cristobal
Benavente, Pedro deBenavides, Muflo (Nuno) deBenavides, Nicolas de
Benitez, AlonsoBenitez, JuanBenitez, Sebastian
Benavides, Nuno (Ruflo) deBernal, FranciscoBernal, Juan
Benito, ?Berganciano, JuanBerganciano, Pedro
Bergara, Juan deBergueno (Burgueno), HernandoBermudez de Velasco, Beatriz
Bermudez, BaltasarBermudez, DiegoBernal, Cristobal
Bernaldino, ?Berra, Pedro deBerrio, Francisco
Berrio, Luis deBerrio, Pedro deBlanco, Hernando
Blanco, JuanBlanco, PedroBlanes, Pedro
Blasco (Blanco), PedroBocanegra, ?Bocanegra, Pedro de
Bocarez (Bacaraez), Pedro deBola, MartinBolees, Antonio
Bonar, Francisco deBonilla (Bonella), Joan Carlos deBorges, Pedro
Borjes, Pedro deBonal, FranciscoBono de Quejo, Juan
Borja, AntonioBotello, BlasBotello, Juan
Bono Vizcaiano, JuanBriones, GonzaloBriones, Pedro
Bosque, GabrielBorgona, Esteban deBrabo, Cristobal
Bravo, AntonBurgueno, FernandoBriviesca, Garcia de
Bretes, Gonzalo deBribiescas, Garcia deBrica, Joan de
Bueno, AlonsoBueno, JuanBueno, Tomas
Bustamante, Luis deBurgos, Juan deBurguillos, Gaspar de
Burgos, Rodrigo deBriones, FranciscoCaballeria, ?
Caballero, AlonsoCabra, JuanCabezon, Cristobal
Caballero, PedroCaballos, Francisco deCaballos, Hernando
Caballos (Cabello), AlonsoCabezas, AlonsoCabeza de Vaca, Luis
Cabrera, Gabriel deCabrera, HernandoCabrera, Juan de
Caceras Delgado, Juan (2)Caceras, Manuel deCaceres, Jeronimo
Caicedo (Cayzedo), AntonCalero, DiegoCamargo, Diego de
Calvo, PedroCamacho, PedroCamacho Triana, Diego
Camargo, ToribioCamino, DiegoCampanario, Sebastian
Campito (Campos?), ?Campo, Blas deCampos, Andres de
Campos, Bartolome deCanamera, Juan Garcia deCanillas, ?
Cansino, JuanCansino, PedroCano, Juan
Cano, AlonsoCantillana, HernandoCarmona, Juan de
Cano, LuisCansino (Cansono), DiegoCantillana, Diego
Cantillana, FernandoCantillana, FranciscoCanto, Andres del
Carabasa, ?Carabaza, ?Cardenas, Luis de
Carmona, Esteban deCardenas, AlonsoCardenas, Juan de
Carmona, AntonioCaro Gutierrez, GarciCarpues, Santiago de
Carralero, AntonioCarranza, Dorantes deCarranza, Pedro de
Carretero, Juan deCarrillo, HernandoCarrillo, Jorge
Carrillo, JuanCarrion, DiegoCarrion, Gines de
Carrion, Gregorio deCarsenel, AlfonsoCartagena, Juan de
Carteo, Andres deCarullola (Carniela), ?Carvajal, Hernando de
Carvajal Turrencaos, AntonioCasamori, Gutierre deCasas, Francisco de las
Carvajal, Antonio deCarrasco, GonzaloCarrascosa, Juan
Casanuevo, FranciscoCarrion, HipolitoCarrion, Rodrigo
Casco, FranciscoCascorro, ?Casillas, Juan de
Castaneda, Diego deCastaneda, Hernando deCastaneda, Joan de
Castano, JuanCastellano, DiegoCastellanos, Pedro
Castellar, Pedro deCastellon, ?Castillo, Antonio del
Castaneda, Rodrigo deCastillo, Alonso delCastillo, Pedro del
Castillo, Diego delCastillo, FranciscoCastillo, Melchor de
Castrillo, Alonso deCastro, AndresCastro, Francisco
Castro, PedroCastromorcho, ?Catalan, Anton
Cavras (Cabras), BartolomeCayas (Zayas), Diego deCeli, Bartolome
Centeno, PedroCepeda, Gaspar deCerbera, Assensio
Cardenal, AlonsoCerezo, GonzaloCermino, Juan
Cermino, DiegoCatalan, Alonso deCatalan, Juan de
Cervantes, Lionel deCieza, Juan deCisneros, Alberto de
Cifontes, FranciscoCisneros, Juan deCuellar Verdugo, Juan de
Cervantes, Francisco deClemente, ?Cimancas, Pedro
Chaves, Hernando deChavarrin(ia), BartolomeColio, Diego de
Collazos, Pedro deColmenero, Juan EstebanComontes, Cristobal de
Conellar Verdugo, Juan deConilien, FranciscoContreras y Figueroa, Alonso de
Coria, Diego deContreras, Alonso deCoronel, Juan
Corbera, AsencioCordero, AntonCordero, Gregorio
Cordon, AntonioCordonel, AlonsoCoria, Bernardino de
Coronado, ?Corral, Cristobal delCorral, Francisco
Corral, Juan delCorrasco, JuanCorrea, Juan
Correas, DiegoChiclana, Anton deCorral, Juan
Cortes de Merida, GonzaloCortes de San Buenaventura, FranciscoCortes de Zuniga, Alonso
Cortes, FranciscoCristobal, MartinCuellar, Bartolome
Cosana, Pedro deCoto (Soto), ?Cristobal, Gil
Cruz, Martin de laCuadras, Francisco deCuadras, Pedro de
Cubia (Zubia), Juan deCubiertas, SebastianCubillas, Juan de
Cuellar, Francisco deCuenca, Anton deCuesta, Alonso de la
Cuellar, Juan deCuenca, Benito deCuenca, Simon de
Cueto, Pedro deCuevas, Juan deChacon, Gonzalo de
Chavelas, Francisco deChaves, MartinChaves, "el Vizcayno"
Chico, PedroChinantla, Nicolas deCorco, Bicencio
Calahorra, Martin deDam, JoanDava, Lorenzo
Davila, RodrigoDavila (de Avila), JuanDelgado, Alonso
Daza (Daca) de Alconchel, FranciscoDelezcano, XoanDelgado, Juan
Del Campo, BlasDel Castellar, PedroDel Castillo, Francisco
Del Puerto, MartinDestacio, JoanDe Losa, Juan
Delguerrero, HernandoDiaz de Aux, MiguelDiaz del Castillo, Bernal
Diaz, BartolomeDiaz, MiguelDiaz Peon, Diego
Diaz, CristovalDiaz, DiegoDiaz, Domingo
Diaz Galafate, FranciscoDiaz, GasparDiaz, Juan
Diaz de Alcala, DiegoDiaz de Arauz, MelchorDiaz de Azpeitia, Juan
Diaz de Medina, BernardinoDiaz de Penalosa, RuiDiaz de Sotomayor, Pedro
Diaz de la Reguera, AlonsoDiego, MaestreDiego Halcon, ?
Diosdado, AntonioDocampo, ?Domingo, ?
Dominguez, GonzaloDominguez Arias, FranciscoDonaire, Francisco
Doria, CristobalDuenas, BeatrizDuero, Sebastian de
Duero, AndresDuran, JuanDorantes, Martin
Duran, AlonsoDuran, RodrigoDominguez, Pero
Eibar, Andres deElgueta (Helgueta), Hernando deEnamorado, Juan
Enriquez de Guzman, JuanEraso, Juan deEscalante, Pedro de
Escalona, Hernando deEscacena, AntonioEscalante, Juan
Escalona, AlejoEscalona, FranciscoEscalona, Juan
Escalona, LucasEscalona, PedroEbora, Sabastian de
Escalona, Pedro deEscobar, ?Escobar, Alonso
Ecija, AndresEscobedo, Francisco deEscobar, Juan
Escobar, Pedro deEscobar, RodrigoEspindola, Gonzalo
Escudero, JuanEspinal, Juan deEspinar, Juan D'
Espinosa, AlonsoEspinosa, Garcia deEspinosa, Gaspar de
Espinosa, JuanEspinosa, Martin deEspinosa, Rodrigo de
Esquival, Juan deEsteban, ?Esteban, Miguel
Espindola, Juan deEsquivel, AlonsoEstrada, Francisco
Estrada, MariaEvia, Francisco deEvia, Rodrigo de
* Source of the above names: Duaine, Carl Laurence. "With All Arms A Study of a Kindred Group" 

* Additional Source: Himmerich Y Valencia, Robert. "The Encomenderos of New Spain 1521-1555"  

* Additional Source: Thomas, Hugh. "Who's Who of the Conquistadors"  

Abarca, Pedro - From: Catalayud. 2 daughters. Son in law: Gonzalo de Leon. A grandson was named Manuel Abarca. Aguayo, Lorenzo - killed in battle with the Indians. Brothers, Antonio and Diego came to New Spain (Mexico). Parents: Martin de Aguayo and Catalina Ledesma. Aguilar, Alonso - Brother of Garcia de Aguilar (below). Cousin of Juan Jaramillo.Married a daughter of Leonel de Cervantes, Isabel de Lara. He died in 1564. Aguilar, Francisco de - Parents: Juan de Aguilar and Magdalena de Manjarres. Received two land grants to support an inn on the road between Veracruz and Mexico City. Had four children. At the age of 50 he gave up all his wealth and joined the Franciscan Order. At the age of 80 he was persuaded by his fellow monks to document his experiences in the conquest. This can be found in the book "The Conquistadors First-Person Accounts of the Conquest of Mexico". He died at the age of 92. Aguilar, Garcia de - Parents: Gonzalo Garcia and Constanza Gonzalez Jaramillo. Settled in Puebla. Married a Spanish girl in 1531. Their daughter Juana was born in 1535. Garcia died circa 1570. Grandsons: don Juan Ramirez de Arellano and don Carlos de Arellano. Aguilar, Hernando - survived the conquest. On Mx. records in 1558 when he states he is 67 years of age. Aguilar, Jeronimo de - was shipwrecked off the coast of the Yucatan in 1511. He lived amongst the Maya as a slave along with Gonzalo Guerrero until Cortes paid a ransom in 1519. He served as an interpreter along with Marina who knew the Mayan as well as the Mexica (Aztec) language. Like some of the other conquistadors, he had religious training but never took final vows. He settled in Mexico City and had a natural daughter who married Cristobal Doria (de Oria?) and a son with an Indian woman. Grandson: Miguel Doria. Granddaughter married Andres de Rosas descendant of another conquistador. Jeronimo de Aguilar: The Marooned Priest Who Speeded the Conquest Aguilar, Juan de - Parents: Pedro de Solorzano and Mari Diaz de Saldana. Settled in Colima. Married with seven children one of them a daughter. Sons: Cristobal de Solorzano and Juan de Aguilar. Son in laws: Juan de la Bayen and Pedro de Cevallos. Grandson: Juan de Solorzano. Aguilar, Pedro de - after the conquest settled in Santo Domingo then Cuba. Aguilar de Campoo, Juan - had land in Colima then recorded in Merida (Yucatan) in 1549 Aguilera, Garcia de - on Mexican records in 1559. Aguilera, Juan de - died circa 1547 (about 26 years after the conquest). Agundel, Diego de - father of the Cortes Conquistador, Pedro Martin. Alaejos, Juan de - Settled in Guadalajara. Married a woman from Spain and had 2 sons. Alamilla, Francisco de - settled Santisteban del Puerto. Natural death. On records of Mx. in 1533. Alaminos, Antonio de - There were 2 with this name. Father and son. Native of the Palos area of Spain. The elder had traveled with Columbus on his fourth voyage and was pilot on Ponce de Leon expedition to Florida and Panama and Cortes' conquest of Mexico. Sent by Cortes to look for a site to establish a port colony. Both survived the conquest and had land in New Spain. Alanes, Melchor de - Parents: Pedro Alavez (Alanes) and Teresa Gomez Marin. Settled in Antequera and married the daughter of fellow conquistador Juan Rodriguez de Salas. They had 10 children. Alanis, Jeron - From: Alanis, Sevilla Spain. A notary. Arrived in Santo Domingo in 1514. He was a resident of Santiago Cuba in 1520 and went to Mexico with Narvaez the same year. Albaida, Antonio de - From Albaida, Sevilla Spain. Came to Cuba in 1518 and joined Cortes in 1519. Alburquerque, Domingo Garcia de - Known to be valiant in battle. A grandson was Luis de la Torre. Great grandsons were don Cristobal and don Juan de la Torre. Alburquerque, Domingo de - From: Alburquerque, Badajoz Spain. Came to the Indies in 1517 and Cuba in 1518. He joined Cortes in 1519. Aldama, Juan - From: Carmona, Sevilla Spain. Came to Cuba in 1518 and joined Cortes in 1519. Almesta, Alonso de - From: Sevilla. Came to Cuba in 1518 and joined Cortes in 1519. Almodovar, Antonio - settled in Mexico City. Son: Diego de Almodovar. Grandsons: Antonio de Almodovar, Antonio de Vargas, Luis de Vargas. Granddaughters Married: Alonso Rodriguez del Vado, Gaspar Garcia de Castaneda and Martin Ceron. Great Grandsons: Martin Ceron, Pablo de Vargas and Cosme de Vargas Great Granddaughter Married: Juan de Cevallos Almonte, Pedro de - From: Almonte in Huelva Spain. Arrived in Cuba in 1518 and joined Cortes in 1519. Alonso, Alvaro - From Palos, Huelva Spain. Arrived in Cuba in 1518 and joined Cortes in 1519. Alonso, Hernando - Blacksmith and 60 at the time of the conquest. Settled in Mexico City. His first wife was Beatriz de Ordaz sister of fellow conquistador Diego de Ordaz. They had adult children living elsewhere in Mexico. After his wife died he married Isabel de Aguilar from which they had a daughter. Alonso was executed on Oct. 17th 1528 (at age 68) as a relapsed Jew. Alonso, Martin - From: Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz. Arrived in Cuba in 1518 and joined Cortes in 1519. Alonso de Portillo, Pedro - settled in Guatamala after the conquest. Alvarado, ? - a Captain in Francisco de Garay's fleet. Not an Alvarado brother. Alvarado, Garcia de - From: Badajoz Spain. A natural brother of Pedro and the other Alvarado brothers listed below. Arrived in Cuba in 1518 and joined Cortes in 1519. Alvarado, Gomez de - Parents: Gomez de Alvarado and Leonor de Contreras. Brother to Pedro de Alvarado (fourth oldest of 5 brothers). Died in Peru. Had at least one daughter Isabel de Alvarado who married Hernando Flores a conquistador of Nueva Galicia. They in turn had at least one son Luis Gomez de Alvarado a resident of Guadalajara. Alvarado, Gonzalo de - Parents: Gomez de Alvarado and Leonor de Contreras. Brother to Pedro de Alvarado (third oldest of 5 brothers). Sent by Cortes to secure corn from the Mayans. Resulting in hand to hand combat and the retreat of the Conquistadors. Settled in Guatemala until 1541 (the year Pedro died). Married his niece Bernadina, daughter of Jorge. Died in Oaxaca Mx. Alvarado, Jorge de - Parents: Gomez de Alvarado and Leonor de Contreras. Brother of Pedro de Alvarado (second oldest of 5 brothers). His first marriage was to a Tlaxcalan noble women by which they had three children. He then married Luisa Estrada sister of Beatriz the wife of the Conquistador Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. They had 3 children (one son Jorge and two daughters). A grandson was also named Jorge. Settled in Mexico City but spent much of his time in Guatamala managing the affairs of his brother Pedro the Govenor of Guatamala. The Estrada sisters were granddaughters of King Ferdinand II of Spain. Their father was a natural son of the King. Grandsons: don Jorge de Alvarado (became govenor of Honduras and had a namesake son). Also don Angel de Villafana. Granddaughter married: Juan de Samano. Alvarado, Juan de - Born in Badajoz. Related to the Alvarado brothers. Died a bachelor circa 1550. Alvarado, Pedro de - From Badajoz. Parents: Gomez de Alvarado and Leonor de Contreras. Born in 1485 (oldest of the Alvarado brothers, same age as Cortes). When Cortes ordered his men to retreat from Mexico City at night on foot, it was Pedro who was the last to do so. A Lieutenant of Cortes (captain in Cortes' army), he later conquered Guatemala. Came from a honored family. His father, grandfather and uncle were honored for their military accomplishments. Had 2 natural children. A daughter and a son Pedro with the daughter of a Tlaxcalan Indian chief. Killed in Jalisco in a campaign against the Indians near Guadalajara, of wounds from falling from his horse in 1541. After he fell he was asked where it was that he suffered and he replied "In my soul". His daughter Leonor married don Francisco de la Cueva (a nobleman and a cousin of the Duke of Alburquerque). They had four or five sons. Genealogical reference on Pedro de Alvarado and a portrait His own account can be found in the book "The Conquistadors First-Person Accounts of the Conquest of Mexico". This from letters he wrote Cortes on the conquest of Guatamala. Pedro received the Order of Santiago . Alvarez, Alonso (2) - after the conquest Cortes led an expedition to Honduras to bring his rebelling Capt. Olid to justice. At this time it was believed Cortes was dead. Alonso Alvarez formed a group plotting against Cortes' supporters. Cortes returned to find his cousin Rodrigo Paz murdered by the group loyal to the Cuban Govenor Velazquez, which Alonso Alvarez belonged. Alonso was on the record in Panuco, Mx in 1525. Alvarez Rubazo, Juan - Portuguese. Natural death. Alvarez, Pedro - From: Sevilla. Went to Santo Domingo in 1517, Cuba in 1518, and with Cortes to Mexico in 1519. In 1537 with the death of Pedro, the conquistador Martin Lopez became guardian of his son Anton Alvarez. Alvarez Chico, Garci - From: Villanueva del Fresno, Badajoz Spain. Nephew of Rodrigo Alvarez Chico. Went with Cortes in the exploration of Baja California. Alvarez Chico, Juan - From: Oliva Badajoz Spain. Sent by Cortes to establish a settlement in Colima. He was killed by the Indians of Colima. Alvarez Chico, Rodrigo - Rodrigo Alvarez Chico captured by Narvaez after being sent by Cortes to negotiate a peace. Narvaez with an army outnumbering Cortes by 3 to 1, tried to arrest Cortes so he could conquer Mexico himself. Cortes defeated Narvaez and allied his men. Alvarez Santarem, Juan - Portuguese from Santarem. Alvaro, ? - From: Palos, Huelva Spain. Came to Mexico in 1519 with Cortes. Settled in Honduras and it was said he ended up having 30 children. Amaya, Antonio de - settled in Oaxaca and died a natural death. Amaya, Pedro - From: Amaya, Burgos Spain. Came to Mexico with Cortes. Aparicio, Francisco - From: Pelayos, Toledo Spain. Came to the Indies in 1514. Cuba in 1518, and with Cortes to Mexico in 1519. Father: Garcia Aparicio. Aponte, Esteban de - From: Portugal. In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes in Mexico. Participated in the conquest of Guatamala in 1524 and settled in Santiago, Guatamala. Aracena, Juan de - from Aracena, Huelva Spain. Parents: Hernando Dominguez de los Molinos and Catalina Gutierrez. Survived the conquest. Aragon, Pedro de - Married in Oaxaca to a Spanish woman. On Mx. records in 1561 at age 60. Arbenga, ? - From: Levante. Artillery specialist. Cuba in 1518, and with Cortes to Mexico in 1519. Arbolanche, ? - From: Old Castile. Arrived in Cuba in 1518 and joined Cortes in 1519. Was killed by the Indians. Arevalo, Alonso (2) - Parents: Pedro de Arevalo and Marina Temeno. Also part of the conquest of Jalisco, Panuco and Zacatula. Settled in Colima. He and his wife Beatriz Lopez had two sons and a daughter. Another came from Segovia. Parents: Alonso de Arevalo and Maria de Segovia. Had encomiendas after the conquest. Arevalo, Melchor - From: Arevalo, Avila. Parents: Gonzalo de Toledo and Maria de Arevalo. Married and settled in Jalapa. Arguello, Juan de - From: Leon. Came to Cuba in 1518 or 19 and came to Mexico in 1519 or 1520. Arriaga, Antonio de - Settled in Ciudad Michoacan. Married Ana Quintero and they had 4 daughters. One daughter married Juan Antonio Branbila. Arriaga, Juan de - Parents: Diego de Arriaga and Maria de Licano. Settled in Puebla with a Spanish wife and four children (two sons). Grandsons: Captain Pedro Muniz de Arriaga, Juan Brambila, Captain Jaime Herades, Francisco Brambila, Antonio Herades, Agustin Brambila, Tomas Herades and Bernardino Brambila Arroyuelo, ? - From: Olmedo, Valladolid Spain. Cuba in 1518, and with Cortes to Mexico in 1519. Died in battle (year unknown). Asencio, Pedro - Daughters married Juan Lopez de Saltor and Juan Becerra. On Mx. records 1554. Probably settled in Oaxaca. Astorga, Bartolome - From: Astorga. Settled in Oaxaca his wife was believed to be Indian because when he died circa 1540 his properties reverted to the crown. Two daughters are listed. One married the conquistador Antonio de Villarroel and the other married Rodrigo de Vigil, all residents of Oaxaca. Asturiano, Francisco de - From: Asturias. Cuba in 1518, and with Cortes to Mexico in 1519. Avila y Benevides, Alonso - From: Monte Alban (Avila). Captured by the French pirate Fleury on his way to Spain with some of the riches of Mexico and correspondence from Cortes. After being released from a French prison, he settled in the Yucatan. Had eleven children. One daughter Antonia married Gonzalo de Salazar and another married Cristobal de Paredes of Puebla. A son Antonio married dona Isabel de Salazar. Son: Geronimo de Avila Grandsons: Hernando de Salazar, Juan Alonso de Avila, Francisco de Avila and don Diego de Zayas. Great Grandsons: don Alonso de Avila Margarino and don Juan Margarino. Avila (Quinones), Gaspar de - From: Villanueva de Avila. Parents: Pedro Valderibano de Avila and Isabel de Quinones. Brother of Juan (below). Married with 11 children. Married the daughter of Fernando Sanchez de Ortigosa. Settled in Tasco. Died a natural death in 1547. Avila, Gonzalo de - aquired a encomienda in Panuco after the conquest. Settled in Santisteban Del Puerto. Avila, Juan de - From: Avila. Parents: Pedro Martin Cansino and Isabel Gutierrez. Avila (Quinones), Juan de - His wife was the daughter of the conquistador Juan de Cuellar. A son Juan de Cuellar Verdugo inherited his land holdings along with his wife Maria de Garao whos son Pablo Vargas inherited their land in 1597. Grandson: Pablo de Vargas. Granddaughter married: Rodrigo Lopez. Avila, Luis de - Parents: Gonzalo de Trujillo and Beatriz Sanchez. Settled in Ciudad Michoacan. Married with 7 children. Sons: Luis and Miguel de Avila. Son in Laws: Gaspar Negrete and Francisco de Barajas. Came to Mx. at the age of 13. He was a Page, to Cortes. Avila, Rodrigo de - From: Avila. In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. On Mx. records in 1528 (7 yrs. after the conquest). Aviles, Lope de - From: Salvatierra Salamanca. In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Ayllon, Juan de - on the march to Tenochtitlan his horse was taken away from him. He was killed by Indians on the way. Aznar, Antonio - Parents: Beltran de Aznar and Marina Diaz Ortega, natives of Baeza. Settled in Puebla with a wife and 5 children. Sons: don Geronimo de Aznar and Juan de Biedma Aznar Azpeitia, Juanes - From: Azpeitia (Guipuzcoa). Parents: Juan de Barrasueta and Marina de Ricarte. Died in 1553 without a legal heir. Baez, Jorge - one of the original settlers of Puebla. Ballestero, Francisco de - From: Tudela de Duero, Valladolid. Came to the Indies in 1515. In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Ballesteros, Rodrigo - From: Sevilla. In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Balvas, Pedro de - From: Albacete Spain. Married in Spain. Arrived in Cuba in 1517. To Mexico with Grijalva in 1518 and to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. On the records of Mexico until 1547. Badajoz, Gutierre de - From: Caceres Along with the hero of Popocatepetl, Francisco de Montano fought their way up a temple to place the flag of Cortes at its peak claiming Mexico City. Parents: Gutierre de Badajoz and Catalina Chaves. Brother to the Conquistador Hernando de Chaves. Settled in Mexico City and considered a miner. Received a coat of arms dated Nov. 15, 1527. Had 3 sons and 3 daughters. Son Gabriel de Chaves inherited his holdings in 1565. Grandsons: Gutierre de Chaves, Melchor de Betanzos, Juan and Garcia Cabezas. Granddaughters married: don Miguel de Soto and Simon de Trejo. Barahona, Sancho de - settled in Guatamala. Barba, Pedro - Good friend of Cortes, he came to Mexico in a small vessel with thirteen men. When he joined Cortes he was made Captain of the crossbowman. Killed taking part in a naval blockade of Tenochtitlan. A son Francisco de Leon and son in law Francisco de Montalvo are documented. Barcelona, Clemente de - on Mexican records 7 years after the conquest. Barco, Francisco de - From: Barco de Avila. A Captain in Cortes' army. Cuba in 1518, and with Cortes to Mexico in 1519. Was in Guatamala in 1539. Bargas, Francisco de - From: Sevilla. Cuba in 1518, and with Cortes to Mexico in 1519. Participated in the conquest of Panuco and Colima. Settled in Mexico City. Barrera, Cristobal - Trumpeter. Listed as conqueror on some documents. Believed to have settled in Puebla. His oldest daughter married Esteban de Carvajal another daughter married Juan Ponce and all were residents of Puebla. Barrios, Don Andres de - He was a knight of the Duke of Arcos. Came to Mexico with his brother in law Cortes (wives were sisters). He settled in Mexico City. His daughter was Isabel de Barrios (married to Diego de Guevara). Batista de Rapalo, Juan - From: Berazy, Genoa. Parents: Bartolommeo Grifo and Ana Blanca. Settled in Colima with a wife and 6 children (2 natural). Bejerano, Servan - From: Cordoba. Parents: Anton de Puelles and Catalina Sanchez Bejerano. He married twice and had two children (a son and a daughter). Bello, Juan - Parents: Juan Bello Troche and Leonor Gutierrez de Caceras. Settled in Mexico City. Grandson: Gil Gonzalez Davila. Granddaughters married: Nicolas de Rendano and Juan de Penas. Great grandsons: Juan Bello de Alvarado, Aparicio de Penas and Jose de Alvarado. Great granddaughter married: Juan de Tejadillo. Benavides, Alonso - Captured by the French pirate Fleury on his way to Spain with some of the riches of Mexico and correspondence from Cortes. Upon his release he settled in Veracruz. He married Maria de la Torre who after his death married Andres Dorantes de Carranza. He had a daughter Antonia de Benavides who married Antonio Ruiz de Castaneda. Benavides, Nuno (or Ruflo) de - settled in Antequera. Had a son Juan de Benavides and a grandson Garcia de Benavides. Was awarded a Coat of Arms on the 25th of april 1532. Bergueno (Burgueno), Hernando - on Mexican records 12 years after the conquest. Bermudez, Diego - brother: Juan discover of Bermuda. With Ponce de Leon in Florida in 1512. Bernal, Francisco - Probably settled in Puebla. Bernal, Juan - Settled in Puebla. Married: Catalina de la Torre. Had 3 sons. Berrio, Francisco - on Mexican records 10 years after the conquest. Bonal, Francisco - From: Salamanca. Sent by Cortes disguised as an Indian into Narvaez's Camp. First settled in Veracruz then Puebla. Bonilla (Bonella), Joan Carlos de - on Mexican records 42 years after the conquest. Bono de Quejo, Juan - Born in San Sebastian but later a resident of Palos. Had been a Captain of a ship with Ponce de Leon in his discovery of Florida in 1512. Came to Mexico with Narvaez. Returned to Cuba. Son: Domingo de Quejo recorded in Mexico about 1550. Bono Vizcaiano, Juan - From: Vizcaya (Basque Country). Probably related to the above named Juan Bono. In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Borgona, Esteban de - From: France. Came to Mexico with Narvaez. Settled in Mexico City. Only Conquistador from France. Borjes, Pedro de - Portuguese. Daughter married: Alonso de Almiron. Daughter: Catalina de Caceres. Son: Francisco Borges. Many other children. Bosque, Gabriel - Parents: Juan Bosque and Catalina Bama. Settled in Oaxaca. He married Ana Benitez, the daughter of the Conquistador Santos Hernandez. Only son Juan. Botello, Blas - an astrologer, he warned the Conquistadors that they must leave Tenochtitlan by June 30th or none of them would survive. He died June 30th in the battle known as "Notche Triste" "Sad Night". A battle which found the Conquistadors trapped in Tenochtitlan trying to escape at night in the rain. Over 600 Conquistadors were killed in battle or sacrificed to the Mexica Gods. Bravo, Anton - Parents: Anton Garcia Payo and Ana Garcia Bravo. A swordsmith by trade. Settled in Mexico City. Bravo married Catalina Lopez de Polanco the widow of Juan de Galvez. He had a son Antonio Bravo de la Laguna who for a time supported his mother and two sisters after his fathers death. Son in Laws: Juan Cerfate and Baltasar de Trujillo. Grandsons: Anton Bravo and Diego Ortiz de Hinojosa. Granddaughter Married: Alonso Romero. Briones, Francisco - From: Briones. In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Briones, Gonzalo - From: Briones, Logrono Spain. Cuba in 1518, and with Cortes to Mexico in 1519. Briones, Pedro - From: Salamanca. Served in the war in Italy. Captain of the boats surrounding Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) during the conquest. Went with Olid to Honduras and Guatamala when Olid revolted against Cortes. Briviesca, Garcia de - From: Briviesca. Friend of the Gov. of Cuba Diego Velasquez. Came to Mexico with Narvaez. Owned a Hacienda in Cuba in 1524. Burgueno, Fernando - From: Toledo. Settled in Mexico City. He died in the 1530's. Survived by his widow Inez Gomez and son Pedro and a daughter who married Juan de Cuenca of Bujalance, Cordoba. He received a coat of arms in 1531. Burguillos, Gaspar de - From: Badajoz. A page of Cortes. Cuba in 1518, and with Cortes to Mexico in 1519. He was rich at one time but died a Franciscan. Bustamante, Luis de - From: Palencia. Cuba in 1518, and with Cortes to Mexico in 1519. Caballero, Alonso - returned to Spain after the conquest. Caballos (Cabello), Alonso - Wife; Maria de Leiva. 2 daughters 1 son. Caballos, Hernando - on Mexican records 8 years after the conquest. Cabezon, Cristobal - From: Almagro. Parents Settled in Mexico City with a wife and sons by the names of Gregorio (Geronimo) and Pedro de Soto. Son in law: don Rodrigo de Rivera. Grandsons: Luis and Melchor de Soto. Cabra, Juan - Parents: Anton de Cabra and Teresa Ruiz. Involved in mining gold. Settled in Mexico City with his wife Maria de Herrera. Their daughter married Nicolas Chamorro of Medina de Rio Seco. Caceras, Manuel de - From: Segovia. Parents: Gonzalo de Caceres and Maria de Ona. Settled in Colima as one of the first settlers. Married Isabel de Monjarez, a daughter of the conquistador Martin Ruiz de Monjarez. Their son was Gonzalo de Caceres. They had another son and Isabel was pregnant when her husband died. Caceras Delgado, Juan - There were 2 with this name. One was called "El Viejo". From: Caceras. Married Catalina Gonzalez and settled in Mexico City Another was called "El Rico". From: Caceras. Cuba in 1518, and with Cortes to Mexico in 1519. Settled in Mexico after returning temporarily from Spain 1522 to 1534. Caicedo (Cayzedo), Anton - Married Maria Montes de Oca and Daughter married Antonio de Luna. Calahorra, Martin de - From: Calahorra (Logrono). Parents: Martin Sanchez de Cunada and Isabel Vera Matute. Settled in Puebla with his wife (born in Spain) the daughter of the conquistador Garci Hernandez. Her brothers were the conquistadors Juan Perez de Herrera and Pedro Hernandez and a sister married the conquistador Diego de Holguin residents of Puebla. Martin had 5 daughters and two sons. Calero, Diego - From: Moguer. Parents: Pedro Calero and Isabel Rodriguez. Settled in Michoacan. Calvo, Pedro - From: Palencia. In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Camacho Triana, Diego - From: Triana. Ships Pilot or Navigator. Came to the Yucatan with Fernandez de Cordova in 1517, Grijalva in 1518 and Cortes in 1519. Cano, Alonso - From: Alanis (Seville). Parents: Alonso Martin Cano and Beatriz Sanchez. Settled in Villa Alta. Married Antonia Perez Carballa. Cano, Juan - From: Caceres Parents: Pedro Cano and Catalina Gomez de Saavedra. Married the daughter of Montezuma, the third and last Conquistador to do so. They had six children, of which two became nuns. Son: Gonzalo Cano Moctezuma married dona Ana de Prado. Their Son and Juan Cano's Grandson: don Juan Cano Moctezuma. Many descendants carried the surname Cano Moctezuma. Cansino (Cansono), Diego - killed by Indians on his way back to Oaxaca from Peru. He was with his 2 sons. Cansino, Juan - A Hidalgo (minor member of nobility). Came to Mexico with Cortes. Cansino, Pedro - From: Palos, Huelva. Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Cantillana, Fernando - came to Mexico with his Father: Hernando Cantillana (see below). Died in the conquest. Cantillana, Francisco - Uncle of Fernando (above) and Brother of Hernando (below). Died in the conquest. Cantillana, Hernando - Shoemaker From: Grand Canary Island. Both his brothers and Son died in the battle known as "Noche Triste". Settled Mexico City and was joined by his wife and son Diego from Spain. Diego went to Spain after his father died circa 1530. He returned with his wife and four daughters. Grandsons: Diego Burgos, Antonio and Pedro de Salmanca. Granddaughters married Cristobal Osorio and Baltasar Munoz. Cardenal, Alonso - In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Cardenas, Alonso - In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Settled in Mexico City. Cardenas, Juan - Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Carmona, Juan de - From: Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz. Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519 with his brother Esteban Carmona. Settled in Guatemala. Carranza, Dorantes de - Survived the conquest and settled in Mx. Grandson Baltasar Dorantes de Carranza. Carmona, Esteban de - From: Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz. Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Caro Gutierrez, Garci - survived the conquest and participated in Cortes' expedition to Honduras. Carrasco, Gonzalo - Parents: Diego de Caso and Costanza Diaz "la Carrasca". A sentry for Narvaez (a rival Conquistador with ambitions on Conquering Mexico himself). Cortes himself practically half strangled Gonzalo trying to get information. Navarez' army was defeated and his men joined Cortes. Daughter. Settled in Puebla and gave witness in Mx. when he was over 90 years old. Carrascosa, Juan - From: Carrascosa. One of the first settlers of Panuco. Carrillo, Jorge - settled in Texcoco, then Colima Mx. Carrion, Hipolito - From: Carrion, Palencia. In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Carrion, Rodrigo - From: Carrion, Palencia. Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Documented in Mexico in 1529. Carvajal, Antonio de - Parents: Pedro Gonzales de Carvajal and Isabel Delgadillo. A Captain in Cortes' army. Settled in Mexico City. Married dona Catalina de Tapia and a second marriage to dona Maria de Olid y Viedma both nieces of the conquistador Bernardino Vasquez de Tapia. Both unions produced 8 daughters and 1 son. Son in law: Francisco Infante Grandsons: don Antonio de Carvajal, don Andres de Carvajal, don Lorenzo de Carvajal don Juan Infante and don Antonio Infante A daughter he had with Catalina de Tapia, by the name of Catalina de Tapia Carvajal married Gonzalo Gomez de Cervantes. Gonzalo Gomez de Cervantes was the second son of Juan de Cervantes Casaus and Luisa de Lara y Andrada. They were residents of Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. Carvajal, Hernando de - Brother: fellow Cortes Conquistador Juan Limpias de Carvajal. Hernando was killed in Mx. Casanuevo, Francisco - From: Chillon, Ciudad Real. Came to Mexico with Narvaez in 1520. Casillas, Juan de - killed in the conquest. Castaneda, Rodrigo de - Parents: Juan de Castaneda and Leonor Diaz de Zaballos. Subjugated the area south west of Cuernavaca in 1522. Later accused Cortes of wanting to preserve idols and temples on his properties in defiance of the Franciscans to destroy them. Married and had 6 sons and 2 daughters. There was record of a mestizo grandson by the name of Zicotencatl Castaneda. Grandsons: don Alonso de Carvajal, Agustin and Alonso de Castaneda. Granddaughter married: Juan de Avendano (5 children). Castano, Juan - Portuguese, loyal to Cortes after the conquest, he was mistreated by Nuno de Guzman an enemy of Cortes. Castellar, Pedro de - Wife: daughter of Pedro de Leon of Sevilla. On Mexican records 10 years after the conquest. Castillo, Alonso del - Parents: Dr. Alonso del Castillo and dona Aldonza Maldonado. Settled Mexico City. Died before 1547. Castillo, Pedro del - In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. On Mexican records in 1529. Catalan, Alonso de - From: Catalanes. Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Described as a "Good Soldier". He died in the conquest. Catalan, Juan de - From: Catalonia. An artilleryman specialist in the weaponry of the day (ie. lombards and breech-loading cannons). Unofficial healer he would go around putting his hands over the wounded and pray. The Indian allies also placed their faith in him. Settled in Mexico City. Married Ana de Segura. Had a daughter Juana de Acevedo who married Martin de Bandevena of Brussels. Grandson: Martin de Azebo. Celi, Bartolome - settled in Mx. Cerezo, Gonzalo - From: Cordoba. Parents: Hernando Cerezo and Catalina de Torres of Murcia. After the conquest areas were placed under the protection of the Conquistadors. Cerezo was given the first area the city of Cholula in April of 1522. Had no children. His household included his widowed sister her children and grandchildren. Gonzalo grew to prominence in New Spain. Cermino, Diego - Cortes had Diego Cermino hanged for conspiring to intercept a ship with some of Mexico's riches and claim them for a rival conquistador, Velazquez. Cermino, Juan - From: Palos (Huelva). Father: Rodrigo de Costa. Married the daughter of the deceased conquistador Juan Ruiz. Settled in Mexico City. Juan Cermino was the brother of Diego Cermino (above named conquistador). Cervantes, Lionel de - Born in Burguillos del Cerro. Member of a noble family. Lionel escorted Montezuma out to address his people who were in revolt against the Conquistadors. Montezuma was then stoned by his subjects. He died later of these wounds. Just after the conquest Cortes allowed Cervantes to return home to Spain upon which Cervantes promised he would return to Mexico with his five daughters and marry them to Conquistadors. He kept his promise. He settled in Mexico City and also had a son and another daughter born in New Spain (Mexico). His wife was the former Leonor de Andrada. Died Sept. 20, 1561. Buried in the Monastery of San Francisco, Mexico City. A descendant was govenor of Oaxaca in 1981. One daughter married the Conquistador Pedro de Iricio. Another married the Conquistador Juan Jaramillo de Salvatierra . Another married the Conquistador Alonso Mendoza. Another married the Conquistador Alonso Villanueva Tordesillas. Another married the Conquistador Juan Orozco de Villasenor. Grandsons: Leonel de Cervantes, Alonso Gomez de Cervantes and Lucas de Lara. Great Grandsons: don Juan de Cervantes, don Francisco de Cervantes, don Juan de Cervantes Casaus and don Geronimo de Cervantes. Lionel claimed to have been honored in wars in Italy as a comendador of the Order of Santiago . Chavarrin(ia), Bartolome - From: Chiavari, Genoa. Parents: Estanani Delpin and Bartaloma de Negro. Settled in Colima with his wife and 7 children (4 sons). Chaves, Hernando de - Brother to the Conquistador Captain Gutierre de Badajoz. Daughters dona Isabel de Chaves married the Conquistador Diego de Soria and dona Maria de Chaves married the maestre de Roa. Chiclana, Anton de - From: Chiclana, Cadiz. Came to Mexico with Cortes. Cieza, Juan de - From: Torre Mormojon. Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Killed by the Indians (when is not known). Cifontes, Francisco - Settled in Colima. A daughter married Juan Jimenez of Baena also residents of Colima. Also served with Nuno de Guzman. Cimancas, Pedro - From: Simancas, Valladolid. Came to Mexico with Narvaez in 1520. Settled in Colima. Cisneros, Alberto de - Wife: Catalina Rodriguez Son: Antonio de Cisneros. Cisneros, Juan de - Settled in Mexico City. Married Maria de Medina and had 4 sons and 2 daughters. Killed in the Mixtec war of 1542. Sons: Mateo Vazquez de Cisneros and Esteban de Cisneros. Grandsons: Antonio, Juan and Nicolas de Nava, Pablo and Juan de Cisneros, Mateo Vazquez, Juan and Baltasar de la Serna. Granddaughters married: Julian de Iebenes and Baltasar Hernandez. Colio, Diego de - Parents: Pedro Diaz de Palmar and Juana Hernandez de Cangas. Settled in Mexico City married a Spanish woman and had 2 daughters and 1 son. A granddaughter married the Conquistador Juan de Tovar. Collazos, Pedro de - From: Portugal and had Andres de Tapia bring his son to Mx. in 1527. Contreras, Alonso de - Parents: Garcia de Contreras and Maria de Lerma. Served with Nuno de Guzman in Panuco. Settled in Mexico City and was married to Isabel Mexia y Figueroa with 3 sons and 7 daughters. Died in 1559. Sons: Garcia de Contreras, Baltasar de Contreras and Alonso Contreras who married the granddaughter of both the Conquistadors Lionel Cervantes and Francisco de Villegas. Grandsons: don Alonso de Zuniga and Nicolas de Contreras (married Beatriz Corona de Anaia, residents of Guadalajara). Granddaughter married: Francisco de Trejo Almarez. Corco, Bicencio - Settled in Panuco. Cordero, Anton - on Mexican records in 1535. Coria, Diego de - Parents: Alonso de Coria and Leonor Rodriguez. From: Burgos. Notary by trade. Also conqueror of Jamaica, Guatamala and Jalisco. Settled in Mexico City. Married the daughter of the conquistador Hernando de Chaves. They had 5 children. He also recognized two natural children. Later married Maria de Mendoza, the daughter of Jeronimo Lopez. They had a son Diego. Coronado, ? - killed during the conquest (1520). Coronel, Juan - From: Seville. Parents: Diego Coronel and Elvira Bernal de Ojeda. Settled in Mexico City with his wife. They had 6 children (3 daughters). Son: Matias Coronel. Grandsons: Martin, Gaspar, Antonio and Pedro Coronel. Granddaughter married: Pero Fernandez de Villanuno. Given a coat of arms in 1538. Corral, Juan - In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Correas, Diego - From: Santarem, Portugal. Parents: Jimon Rodriguez and Maria Correas. Settled in Zacatula. Married but had no children. Cortes, Francisco - Cousin of Hernando. Was named lieutenant governor and alcalde mayor of a region of Mexico in 1524. He continued the conquest of western New Spain (Mexico). Cristobal, Martin - From: Sevilla. In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Cuellar, Bartolome - Married a woman from Cuba. Was a Horticulturist. Daughter married: Juan de Escobedo. Settled in Oaxaca. Cuellar, Juan de - From: Cuellar, Segovia. Settled in Mexico City. Married Ana Ruiz de Berrio and had 9 children (5 daughters). Son: Juan de Cuellar Sons: Andres and Martin. Cuellar Verdugo, Juan de - From: Cuellar, Segovia. Parents: Cristobal de Cuellar and Catalina Verdugo. After the conquest areas were placed under the protection of the Conquistadors. Cuellar was given the area the city of Chimalhuacan. Cuellar was a nephew of Francisco Verdugo. Given a coat of arms in 1544 and Died in 1551. First married the niece of Moctezuma. Married Ana de Maya also from Cuellar. They had 2 children (1 son). Son: Martin de Cuellar. Daughter married Juan de Avila. Cuenca, Benito de - Parents: Pedro de Cuenca and Constanza Herrera. Born circa 1495. Settled in Panuco and Married the Conquistadora Beatriz Hernandez Gutierrez. They had 2 sons. Son: Pedro. Cuenca, Simon de - From: Cuenca. Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Regidor of Veracruz in 1524. Mayordomo of Cortes in Villarrica in 1524- 25. Killed in Xicalanco by the Indians. Cuevas, Juan de - Settled in Michoacan where many descendants can be found for generations. Delgado, Alonso - Married a woman from Spain. Was a merchant in Toluca. Known to be good with firearms. Had children. Delgado, Juan - became a silversmith. Diaz, Bartolome - Son in law: Diego de Arpitua and Daughter: Ana Maldonado settled in Veracruz. Diaz, Cristoval - From: Castellanos Nuevos. Came to the Indies in 1516, to Cuba in 1518, and to Mexico in 1519 or 1520. Diaz, Diego - Cortes had Diego Diaz hanged after a conspiracy to kill Cortes was found out. Diego was to have transported the conspirators to Cuba. Diaz, Domingo - From: Genoa. Arrived in Santo Domingo in 1502, conquest of Cuba in 1511 and to Mexico with Narvaez in 1520. Settled in Veracruz. Left Genoa at such a young age he could not remember his parents names. On Mexican records 37 years after the conquest. Diaz, Gaspar - Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Ended up rich but gave it up for a hermit's life. Diaz, Juan - Chaplain in Cortes' army. It was said that after their first encounter with the Tlaxcalans who were said to be 40,000 strong, Juan and Bartolome Olmedo spent the night listening to confessions of conquistadors believing they were going to die. He came first to Mexico with Captain Juan de Grijalva in 1518. Then with Cortes the following year. He also participated in the conquest of Guatamala. His account of his time with Grijalva can be found in the book "The Conquistadors First-Person Accounts of the Conquest of Mexico". Diaz de Aux, Miguel - a mestizo Conquistador who's father of the same name had been a conqueror of Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico. Often confused with his father. Arrived in Mexico in 2 of his own ships as one of Garay's captains in 1520. Arrived with 150 footmen and 20 horsemen to reinforce Cortes. Married in Spain to Isabel Carrion. Settled in Mexico City. They had 2 daughters. A natural son was Antonio de Contreras. A daughter dona Luisa Aux married Rodrigo Maldonado. Diaz de Azpeitia, Juan - settled in Panuco Mx. Diaz del Castillo, Bernal - Born in 1495 in Medina del Campo, Spain. Parents: Francisco Diaz del Castillo and Maria Diez Rejon. Came to the New World in 1514. Went to Cuba in 1516 and Mexico in 1518 with Grijalva. Landed at Vera Cruz with Cortes in 1519. Settled down for awhile with an Indian girl who had been presented to him by Montezuma and whom he called Dona Francisca. They had a son and a daughter. He returned to Spain in 1539 and returned to Mexico in 1541. Died in Guatemala in 1584 at 89. Daughter: Teresa Diaz de Padilla. Natural son: Diego Diaz del Castillo who's daughter married Santos de Ocampo. Grandson: don Bernardo de Estrada. Wrote the book "True History of the Conquest". One English version being "The Discovery & Conquest of Mexico" Diaz starts with "That which I have myself seen and the fighting I have gone through, with the help of God I will describe quite simply as a fair eyewitness without twisting events one way or another. I am now an old man, over eighty four years of age ... as luck would have it, I have gained nothing of value to leave my children and descendants but this my true story and they will presently find out what a wonderful story it is." His book was published about 60 years after his death. Dominguez, Pero - In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Dorantes, Martin - An aide of Cortes. Duero, Andres - Born in Tudela de Duero. Protested Cortes' orders to turn over the gold from the battle known as Noche Triste. After the conquest the average conquistador was left with about as much as a weapon would cost. Duran, Juan - Settled in Puebla with his wife and daughter. Wife: Agueda de la Fresnada. Son in law: Diego de Cisneros. Ebora, Sabastian de - From: Yelves, Portugal. One half Black African. Parents He settled in Zacatula. He was married and had 3 daughters and a son. Ecija, Andres - Settled in Colima. Escacena, Antonio - From: Escacena (del Campo) Huelva. Known as "the angry". Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Escalante, Juan - From: Huelva. Came to the Indies with Columbus (Colon) in 1493. Settled in Cuba in 1515 before joining Cortes' entrada. Died in the conquest. Escalona, Alejo - From: Escalona, Toledo. Had a encomienda in Santo Domingo in 1514. In Cuba in 1519 and went to Mexico with Narvaez before joining Cortes while in Mexico. Escalona, Francisco - From: Escalona, Toledo. "El Mozo", Came to Mexico with the conquistador Narvaez, then joined Cortes. Brother: Pedro Escalona (below) Escalona, Juan - From: Escalona, Toledo. Captain, came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Died in Mexico in 1521. Escalona, Lucas - From: Escalona, Toledo. Came to Mexico with the conquistador Narvaez, then joined Cortes. Escalona, Pedro - From: Escalona, Toledo. Came to Mexico with the conquistador Narvaez, then joined Cortes. Brother: Francisco Escalona (above). Escobar, Juan - From: Sevilla. Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Known as a "good soldier". Escobar, Pedro de - Came to Mexico with the conquistador Narvaez, then joined Cortes. He held the post of constable in Mexico City. He was married to the Conquistadora Beatriz Palacios. Had 7 children. Espindola, Gonzalo - From: Sevilla. He was a descendant of old Genoa merchants living in Sevilla (Spinola Family). Came to Mexico with the conquistador Narvaez, then joined Cortes. Espindola, Juan de - From: Sevilla. He was a descendant of old Genoa merchants living in Sevilla. Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Espinosa, Alonso - nickname "of the Blessing" as he was known for saying. Married an Indian Noblewoman. Innkeeper in Tehuacan and involved in mining. Esquivel, Alonso - From: Sevilla. Came to Mexico with Cortes in 1519. Estrada, Francisco - From: Seville. Father: Juan Sanchez de Estrada. Came to Santo Domingo in 1502 with Diego Colon, son of Christopher Columbus. Later went with Narvaez to Mexico with his sister (see below) and joined Cortes in the conquest. Settled in Mexico City and married twice having a son and daughter with each wife. Son: Andres de Estrada. Grandson: Bernardino de Estrada. Granddaughter married Luis Osorio. Great grandson: Bartolome de Estrada and Luis Osorio Estrada, Maria - From: Seville. Father: Juan Sanchez de Estrada. Sister of Francisco, she came to the New World 1519 where she joined her brother in Cuba. One of 15 Conquistadoras to join in the conquest. Married Captain Pedro Sanchez de Farfan and settled in Toluca Mexico. It was said "She could hold her own with any man with weapons, either on horseback or on foot". Evia, Rodrigo de - settled in Colima.