The following is a list of names found on public documents in Northeastern Mexico before 1724.
Early Entrants into Northeastern New Spain (V-Z)
ValderramaSpreading valleyBurgos
ValdezSon of Daidi, frivolous (Arab) Navarre, Basque1628
ValverdeGreen valleyCastile, Leon1636
VallejoSmall valleyBurgos and Santander 1687
VargasSteep hill or cottage (Celt) Santander, Galicia1691
VasquesFrom the Basque countryBasque1646
Vega Green meadow, small plainAll Spain1625
VelaWatchful, on guard (Latin) Catalonia1645
VeladaTo be on guardCatalonia1629
VelascoA small crowBasque
VenegasAndalusia, Portugal1664
VenturaVented, air source (Latin)Central Spain1650
VergaraGarden in mountainsBasque1653
Vertiz ZenithCastile
VidalLiving or vitalAll Spain1648
Vietia Basque
VillanuevaNew townAragon1699
VillarrealRoyal or garrison townCastile1626
VillasanaHealthy townGalicia1656
Villavicencio(Place name) Castile
VillegasManufacturing townBurgos1686
VistaSight or viewAll Spain
VozmedianoModerate voice Castile
Xuarez Form of Juarez
YanezSon of JohnBasque1644
Zamarripa Basque1694
ZambranoMoorish festival (Arab) Vitoria1636
Zamora(Place name) Catalonia, Leon, Basque1659
ZamoranoResident of ZamoraBasque1604
ZunigaNavarre and Castile1634
* Source of the above info.:  Duaine, Carl Laurence. "With All Arms A Study of a Kindred Group" Edinburg, Texas: 
New Santander Press, 1987.

Family Histories (a work in progress)

Valderrama - there is mention of Cristoval and Gomez de Valderrama as coming to 
Mexico with Cortes or Narvaez but so little is documented it is possible they 
didn't survive. 
There is also record of a Cristoval Valderrama coming to Mexico in 1523 from
Valderrama de los Montanas, Burgos. He married a daughter of Montezuma and 
died in Mexico in 1547.
Francisco Valderrama arrived in 1533 from Cordoba.
Garcia Valderrama was recorded in Medellin Mexico in 1526. He was from Sevilla.
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Valdez - 7 siblings of the Valdes Diaz family arrived with their parents in 1537
from Villanueva de Barcarrota, Badajoz. The father, Bartolome Valdes arrived in 
1532 and returned to Spain to bring back his wife Ines de Diaz and their children
Alonso, Diego, Gabriel, Isabel, Maria and Mariano who all went by the surname 
Valdes Diaz. Bartolome Valdes' parents: Alonso Sebastian Valdes (knight of the 
Catholic King) and Catalina Martin de Ratomosa. 
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Valentin - the first to Mexico and the new world was Juan Valentin who arrived in
1536 from Castro Nuevo de Esgueva, Valladolid. Parents: Juan Perez and Maria 
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Valverde - Martin de Valverde arrived in Mexico City in 1528 from Ontiveros, 
Avila. On the records until 1547. Parents: Gonzalo de Valverde (from Trujillo)
and Catalina Vazquez.
Garcia Valverde of Caceres came to Mexico in 1527 and participated in the Conquest 
of Nueva Galicia with the Viceroy Mendoza in 1541. 
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Vallejo - Cristoval de Vallejo of Belorado, Burgos arrived in 1536. Parents: 
Fernando de Vallejo and Catalina de Lara. 
Pedro Vallejo of Siguenza, Guadalajara Spain arrived in 1536. Parents: Miguel and 
Yusta de Vallejo. 
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Vargas - Alonso de Vargas (parents: Juan Perez Giraldo and Juana de Vargas) of 
Castrojeriz, Burgos arrived in 1533 with his 2 sons Alonso and Juan de Vargas.
Alonso de Vargas of Sevilla came to Mexico in 1521. He was a Conquistador of 
Panuco in 1527 then Colima with Gonzalo de Sandoval and later with Francisco 
Cortes. Parents: Juan de Vargas and Juana Mendez de Valdes. He married Maria 
Ruiz de Saavedra.
Most of the Vargas' to Mexico in the early years (1521-1539) came from Sevilla.
The following were of Sevilla: Alonso came in 1537, Andres came in 1526 and 
served under Pedro de Alvarado and settled in Michoacan, Gonzalo came in 1537,
Damian came in 1538 parents: Juan de Angulo and Isabel Fernandez, Marina came 
in 1536 and Pedro in 1536 parents: Juan de Vargas and Catalina de Vargas. 
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Vega - Garcia de Vega a hidalgo (minor member of nobility) arrived in Mexico 
in 1524 from Llerena, Badajoz. He was a Conquistador of Motin and Yopes. He 
married Dona Catalina Osorio, the daughter of Don Luis de Castilla. Described 
as a owner of gold and silver mines. On a trip to Spain he was robbed by the 
French of 10,000 pesos. He returned with 2 of his sisters and their children.
He was on Mexican records in 1547. Parents: Lope de Vega and Elvira de las 
Casas. Possibly a brother, Diego de Vega from Llerena, Badajoz came to Mexico 
in 1539. Parents: Lope de la Vega and Elvira Rodriguez. 
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Vela - Jorge Vela arrived in Mexico in 1531 from Solana, Ciudad Real. He was a 
Conquistador of the Valley of Santiago and had been awarded tributes of land 
in the land of the Chichimecas. He was on Mexican records in 1547. Parents: 
Domingo Vela and Mari Fernandez. 
Juan Vela arrived in 1539 from Medellin, Badajoz. He was a Conquistador of the 
Yucatan in 1541. Parents: Rodrigo Vela and Catalina Rodriquez. He married Juana 
de Aguirre who was the daughter of Diego de Villarreal a Conquistador of Chiapas. 
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Velada - of Aguilar de Campoo, part of Cervera Palencia. Armas: Escudo cortado
1. en campo de oro un lobo andante, de sable: medio partido de oro, un lobo 
andante de sable, y 2. en campo de gules tres veneras de plata. 

Velasco - Baltazar de Velasco from Tudela de Duero, Valladolid arrived in 1538.
Diego de Velasco from Sevilla arrived in 1536. He settled in Colima and married 
the widow of the Conquistador Benito Gallego. On the records of Mexico til 1547.
Parents: Llorente del Rio and Isabel de Velasco.
Dona Francesca de Velasco from Toledo arrived in 1535. Parents: Alonso de Velasco
and Francesca Lopez.
Juan de Velasco from Badajoz arrived in 1535. Parents: Manuel and Catalina 
Velasco. His father being well educated. 
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Venegas - the first to Mexico was don Garcia de Venegas of Granada. He came with 
a servant Lor de Padilla in 1535. Parents: don Alonso Venegas and Dona Maria de 
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Vergara - Arnao de Vergara of Burgos settled in the Yucatan in 1527. Parents: 
Arnao de Flandes.
Fernando de Vergara of Valladolid arrived in 1536. Parents: Juan de Cavatierra
and Ana de Vergara.
There were many other settlers of Central America and Peru in these early years
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Vidal - Anton Vidal came to the Indies in 1513 with Juana Fernandez. Anton's 
parents: Juan Vidal and Beatriz Rodriguez.
Teresa Vidal came to Mexico with her sister Ana Vazquez from Sevilla in 1536. 
Their parents: Juan Alonso and Teresa Sanchez.
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Viera - Beatriz Viera arrived in Mexico with her sister Costanza Fernandez in
1536 from Sevilla. Parents: Vicente Fernandez and Violante Perez.
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Villafranca - Francisco de Villafranca arrived in Mexico in 1538 from Vallodolid.
Parents: Antonio de Villafranca and Ana de la Jarda.

Villanueva - Alonso de Villanueva was in Santo Domingo from 1519-1526, Florida in 
1526 with Ayllon and came to Mexico in 1528. He settled in Mexico City.
Andres de Villanueva came to Mexico in 1528 from Longrono. He was a Conquistador 
of Michoacan and Nueva Galicia (in 1530) and lived in Guadalajara. He participated 
in the pacification of Nueva Galicia in 1541. Parents: Pedro de Villanueva and 
Juana Galva.
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Villarreal - The Villarreal early entrants to Mx to 1539 were as follows: there 
is documented a Diego and Francisco Villarreal (Brothers) who served with Alvarado 
in the conquest of Guatamala in 1538  Their parents were Pedro de Villarreal and 
Juana Diaz. 
Anton de Villarreal arrived in Mx. in 1522 and was a conquistador of Panuco, 
Coatlan, Rio  de Grijalba and Nueva Galicia with the Viceroy in 1541. He settled 
in Michoacan and is documented there in 1547. His parents were Bartolome de 
Villarreal or Villarroel and Beatriz Martinez.
There is a Juan de Villarreal who came in 1536. His parents were Miguel de 
Villarreal and Isabel de Quiros. 
There were 2 brothers, Juan and Pedro. Juan was part of the Coronado exp. 
and Pedro came with his wife in 1533 and ended up settled in Puebla in 1547. 
There was a Lope de Villarreal who came to Mx. in 1538. Parents were Juan de 
Villarreal and Mari Gonzalez
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Villasana - Gabriel Villasana in 1537 with his wife Francisca Lopez from Burgos. 
Francisca's parents Alonso Lopez and Isabel Fernandez were already residents of
Mexico City. Gabriel's parents were Diego de Villasana and Isabel de Salazar (or
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Villavicencio - from the village of the same name in the area of Villalon 
Valladolid. Armas: Las primitivas fueron: en campo de plata, cinco fajas de 
veros bordura de oro. Despues trajeron en Andalucia: en campo de azur, tres
fajas de oro, cargada cada una de cinco dedos de gules. 
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Villegas - Cristoval de Villegas arrived in Mexico with the appointed govenor 
of Panuco, Nuno de Guzman in 1526 from Palencia. Parents: Juan de Villegas and 
Beatriz de la Cueva. A brother went to Peru.
Diego de Villegas was a Conquistador of Guatamala in 1527 and went with Cortes 
to the Island of Cardon (Baja Calif.?). Settled in Compostela Nueva Galicia 
from 1535-1547. Parents: Juan Diaz de Villegas and Ines de Temino.  
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Yanez - Fernando Yanez arrived in Mexico in 1536 from Burgos. Parents: Diego 
Colindres and Catalina de la Puente. 
Gregorio Yanez de Burgos also arrived in 1536 and settled in Mexico City. 
Juan Yanez arrived in 1534 from Sevilla. Father: Juan Yanez. 
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Zamora - The following were the early settlers from Zamora, Spain. Antonio 
arrived in Mexico in 1536. Parents: Bernardo de Zamora and Francisca de Guedeja.
Francisco arrived in Mexico City in 1536 and another Francisco arrived in 1539.
Parents: Francisco de Zamora and Francisca de Almansa. 
Juan and Pedro arrived in 1525 and Rodrigo came around 1528.
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Zamorano - Pedro Zamorano of Zamora arrived in 1525.
Miguel Zamorano Ruiz who was the brother of the Cortes Conquistador Pedro 
Zamorano Ruiz came to Mexico in 1529. He settled in Mexico City and married
in 1535 or later. He was a Conquistador of the Yucatan and Chiapas.
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Zamudio - The following Zamudios were from Zamudio, Vizcaya: Diego was in 
Mexico City in 1525 and Martin de Zamudio arrived in 1537. Martin's parents: 
Pedro Aboa and Maria Saez.
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Zarate - Bartolome Zarate was the brother of Juan Lopez de Zarate the bishop 
of Oaxaca. Bartolome arrived in Mexico in 1523. Settled in Oaxaca and returned 
briefly to Spain to accept a coat of arms in 1538. He was an owner of mines.
Diego Zarate of Guadalajara, Spain arrived in 1535. Parents: Fernando de 
Zarate and Elvira Porcel. 
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Zuniga - Jeronimo de Zuniga of Sevilla arrived in the Yucatan in 1527. Parents:
Gonzalo Pantoja and Maria de Zuniga. 
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