The following is a list of names found on public documents in Northeastern Mexico before 1724.
Early Entrants into Northeastern New Spain (H-L)
HeraHeroBurgos, Avila
HerediaTo inheritNorthern Spain1681
HernandezSon of HernandoAll Spain1642
HerradaWater to cool hot ironBasque
HerreraIronworker, blacksmithAsturias1600
HilarioTo spin out, draw fineCastile
HinojosaFennel plantLeon, Castile, Estremadura1673
HolguinFeast or celebrationEstremadura1698
HoyoPit or excavationBasque1635
HuelvaRest periodCastile1603
Huerta Fruit orchardNorth Spain
Islas (Isla)IslandsCastile1691
Izaguirre (Ysa-)High, windy mountain passBasque1636
JaureguiCastle or palaceBasque
JimenezSon of Jimene (Simon)All Spain1599
JorgeGeorgeAll Spain
JuarezBlood relation, kin (German)North or Central Spain1693
JustisHonesty, integrityHuesca
LabastidaSkilled WorkerGalicia
LaboraSkilled WorkerGalicia
LagunasPonds, waterholesAll Spain1636
LamadridOf MadridCastile
LanderosOf the land (German) Castile, Estremadura1683
LanjetoForm of aboveCastile, Central Spain
LarranagaTown square, marketBasque
LastresPlace nameAsturias
LaureanoLaureled, laureateCentral Spain
LealLoyal, loyalistBadajoz1635
LedesmaPlace nameCastile1674
LeivaPlace nameCastile1609
Leon, deOne from Leon, lionLeon and Central Spain1633
LeonardoDerived from LeonLeon and Central Spain
LermaPlace nameCastile1613
LesagaPlace nameNavarre
LeytonPlace nameNavarre
LopezSon of LopeAll Spain1613
LozanoLuxuriousCentral and Western Spain1683
LucasForm of LukeNavarre
LucioLucian (feminine, Lucy) Aragon1698
LugoType of linenGalicia1664
* Source of the above info.:  Duaine, Carl Laurence. "With All Arms A Study of a Kindred Group" Edinburg, Texas: 
New Santander Press, 1987.

Family Histories (a work in progress)

Hernandez - On June 8,1538 the Emperor Carlos the first granted the following arms 
to Don Gonzalo Hernandez a resident of Espiritu Santo New Spain (Mexico): en campo
de azur y plata, superado de una estrella de oro; bordura de oro, con cuatro rosas
de gules con hojas de sinople.
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Herrera - In addition to the "Herrera" conquistadors already mention there was a Francisco
de Herrera from seville who settled in Mexico City in 1526. He was employed by Cortes. 
Early on he left his wife and 7 children in Spain. By 1546 he had his son and three of 
his daughters in Mexico City. Sent for his wife and the rest of his family and some nieces 
that same year but died before they could be reunited. 
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Hinojosa - Coat of Arms The earliest Hinojosa to Mexico was Juan de Hinojosa who 
arrived in 1522. He settled in Mexico City and was married to Beatriz Mejia de Tapia of 
Trujillo, Spain. His son Francisco arrived in Mexico City in 1537 and was a resident there
for at least 10 years.
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Huelva - Gonzalo de Huelva from Huelva Spain was the first Huelva to arrive in Mexico and 
is on the records as a resident of Mexico City in 1527 and 1528.  

Infante - Juan Infante was the first to arrive with this surname in 1526. There is a 
Don Juan Infante on Mexican records in 1538 (possibly the same person). On September 
18,1538 the Emperor Carlos the first granted the following arms to Don Juan Infante
a resident of Mexico City: escudo mantelado: 1, en campo de gules, cuatro bandas de 
oro; 2, en campo de azur, con un castillo de oro sobre penas al natural.
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Islas (Isla) - The first to arrive in Mexico was Pedro Isla from Sevilla by way of 
Santo Domingo. He arrived in 1529. 
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Jauregui - Asencio de Jauregui settled in Mexico in 1539. He was from Garagarza 
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Leal - Juan Leal first settled in the Yucatan in 1527. Parents were Andres Leal and 
Catalina del Campo. Pedro Leal arrived in 1535. His parents were Pedro Leal and Maria 
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Longoria - coat of arms information from the Longoria Shield page. 
Part of the Iberian Genealogy web pages.
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Lopez - Martin Lopez, one of Cortes' Conquistadors was awarded 3 Coats of Arms. One 
was awarded on December 21,1539 consisting of 2 brigantines afloat with a closed 
helmet on top of the shield. On May 15,1550 he recieved a second consisting of a 
vertical line separating the shield in two. With 2 golden galleys on white and blue
waters signifying the shipbuilding industry which enabled him to help build the 13 
ships needed to control the waters of Tenochtitlan during the conquest. The second 
half showed a sword outlined in gold hanging point down against a field of red. 
There was a boarder of stars and crosses. Fringing the 2 ships were four golden 
Jerusalem crosses on a field of red, and boardering the half picturing the sword 
were four eight-point golden stars on a field of blue. A closed helmet rested on 
top of the shield. Above the helmet was a black eagle bearing a green standard on 
which appeared one Jerusalem cross. A third Coat of Arms was awarded one year later 
on May 20,1551 was essentially the same as the second except replacing the fringe 
and stars and crosses were lions representing seven provinces in which Lopez had 
served his King.   
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Lozano - On December 21,1539 the Emperor Carlos the first granted the following arms 
to Don Pedro Lozano a resident of Mexico City: en campo de gules una fortaleza sobre
seis gradas de piedra; bordura de azur, con cuatro lanzas quebradas por el centro y 
puestas cada una en aspa. 
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Lucas - The first Lucas was a navigator from Genoa and came to Mexico with Alderete 
in 1521. 
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Luna - An early settler was Antonio de Luna. He was a conquistador of Central America 
and came to Mexico in 1534 and settled in Mexico City. He married the daughter of the 
Conquistador Antonio Caicedo.  
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